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Clash of Clans

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Clash of Clans - iPhone iPod

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Don't spend gems to shorten your timer, since one timer will just be replaced by another. Save those precious resources for cases where you want something that will last.

Take advantage of the 'Move and Make' feature which allows you the ability to move buildings to arrange your village after you have made into the best defense possible.

A good strategy when building your village is to build ALL your structures close together. Doing this gives you an edge in defending your village because if it is compact your turrets will be able to defend more buildings at once.

Go to the gold mine and hit collect over and over. Eventually, you will get as much gold as your gold mine can store each time you press collect.

The game is designed to play on your impatience and get you to buy more gems using real money so although tempting try not to spend your gems early in the game trying to quicken the process of building and training. Save the gems for important purchases and try and obtain more by clearing your area of rocks and trees.

Go to the labatory. Click Info, X out, and try again until it glows red. When it does, click on it and a level 3 P.E.K.K.A. Comes out. Make sure you have room, or the hack won't work.

Raid enemies that will give you the rewards you want, whether that is more elixir or just a better ranking. Plan your attacks accordingly. Pay attention to a settlement's Town Hall level, since you gain less if you attack a settlement with a lower level. Keep track of which troops can damage which aspect of a settlement you are raiding. Your goal is to send in units that can quickly destroy any walls, such as giants, and then clean up an area with smaller units and perhaps another wave of giants near the end. Remember also that your goal is to find as many spoils of war as possible without losing too many units in the process.

If an enemy raids your settlement and destroys at least 40% of it, you are provided with a 12-hour period wherein you can rebuild. Make the most of it. Don't attack anyone during that time, as you'll lose your shields. Instead, make any defensive upgrades to towers, so that they'll be stronger and ready to work on your behalf once the shields are gone.

Setting up a mortar with a highly upgraded canon in a strategic position can be an effective weapon with it's firepower but you must make sure that you keep it protected from aerial attacks with a tower.

If you want to play defensively, for instance, upgrade your Town Hall and defensive structures such as walls, an archer tower, mortar, and cannons. If you plan to play more aggressively, you won't want to upgrade your Town Hall as quickly because leveling that up could lead to your armies receiving fewer spoils after successful raids. Remember that you can place certain structures outside the protection of your walls, if they don't provide an advantage to enemy raiders, or as a peace offering if you want to give raiders what they want so that they don't attack you just to access it.

If you build strong defensive structures, you want them to work on your behalf as long as possible when someone raids your settlement. Place them near the center of your empire, and build walls outward from there, surrounding each new structures so that your kingdom looks almost like a giant honeycomb or checker board. Each wall that an enemy has to dismantle on the way to your big guns can give you more time to prevent the raid from being a success.

Attack with friends and you can take on targets that otherwise might be out of your range. If you are part of a clan, you can hit harder but you also have to supply troops to support others, and it's important to coordinate any attacks, particularly if your clan plans to place competitively.

Do not waste troops and time waiting for them to destroy walls. The quickest and most effective way of getting rid of walls is to blow them up.

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