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Car Town Wars

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Car Town Wars - iPhone iPod

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An easy way to add a large amount of cash to your game is to take advantage of the drive-in theater bonuses daily. There is no need to buy the items in the ads simply watch the add to get the bonus.

Several cars only have a one minute time limit before you can collect from them so you will have to go into the game frequently to have any chance of getting them.

Keep checking your 'Goal' menu to see if there is a green check mark on the clipboard icon. When you see this it means you have a reward to collect. Rewards are not given automatically, to add them to your totals you have to collect them by going into the 'Goal' menu and tapping on 'Collect'.

A good strategy is to add a second fuel station and upgrade them both as soon as you can. Doing this will triple the amount of fuel added to any car that needs it.

Remember to take advantage of the 'Surprise' bonus which is located directly over the menu icon and becomes available to collect every 24 hours.

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