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Bastion Cheats

You get a power shot when you release the bow at the exact same moment when the Kid flashes. Evading is one of the most important actions in the game. Use it frequently and in combination with your attacks. Use rolling instead of walking when you're in a hurry as it is much faster. It is also worth mentioning that you can reload your weapons while you’re rolling, so keep that in mind. In the Bullhead Court challenge, it says that you need to hit the target with two hits or less to get a gold medal. However, you can actually hit it with three shots and still get it. As soon as you can, upgrade your bow to +50% damage as it will allow you to destroy targets in challenges with a single shot, saving time. The Repeater crossbow that you get at the beginning is actually quite good when you upgrade it with something like homing shots. You don't need another crossbow.

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