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Bacon Escape

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Bacon Escape on iPhone iPod

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If you ever come face to face with a gizmo that you're not sure how it works, constantly take a look around to see if there's a neighboring indication post with a skull on it. There's an excellent possibility that the upcoming gizmo can kill you if you're not mindful if there is! Start tapping ahead to see precisely how the device works when you see one.

Apples are the superior currency of the game and they can be invested to restore on the area. Unless you appreciate various animal buddies and carts, proceed and do this due to the fact that there's absolutely nothing else to invest the apples on. Throughout a level run, make sure to watch out for apple indications. They're similar to the skull indications, other than with ... you know, apples! They'll signal you if a specific path will have an apple on it, and you can generally find them around split courses.

Fast tapping is the quickest way to obtain yourself eliminated in this game! Once the traps start clumping up you'll require to be accurate, you may be able to get away with throughout the early levels however! Keep in mind: fast tapping is alright if you see a trap you've never ever connected with in the past.

When you're presented to the red traps, things get a little complex. For red traps to activate/deactivate, you'll have to hold and tap. The trap will move or turn off/on as long as you're holding down. The 2nd you release the trap will reactivate. You'll have to be very mindful as the game will present these gradually to you, however ultimately it'll start putting them between blue traps the ones where an easy tap will trigger them.

You'll observe that the carts you can unlock have various weight scores to them. We have not done comprehensive screening, however as far as we've discovered there does not appear to be a real modification in how they move. We would presume that the carts that weighed little would have a much easier time releasing off of ramps and things, however that does not appear to be case. Once again, like we pointed out in the past, the unlockables in this game all appear to be simply cosmetic.


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