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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

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AchievementHow to unlock

Once the baby Roger is delivered, you can see your baby walking around the house with his little baby bonnet (pretty cute). You cannot see the baby's stats until he is fully grown, but all you need is to give it some time because eventually it will develop into a fully grown Roger. Once the baby has a green arrow above his head you can check the baby out and grow it into a full adult Roger.

In order to clone the Rogers you will need to drag and drop two Rogers to the Cloning Room. Once they are in the Cloning Room, they will start cloning themselves, and that can take a while. You can check the time left until the baby Roger is cloned by tapping on the Cloning Room and then selecting the info option there.

I can tell you step by step how to do this, and in case you are confused with what I mentioned above, I will write them step by step:

Select your two Rogers with the highest star rating that you have and send them in the Cloning Room.

You need only two Rogers in the Cloning room to start the process, so there is no need to move more and stop your money making process or food making process or so.

Slowly the Rogers will start producing clones, but this will take time and if you only have three star Rogers it will be a fairly low chance that you get a four star Roger from it.

Once you can build more Cloning Rooms try to clone more Rogers and eventually you will get better ones.

When you want to upgrade a certain room, or build one, you can benefit from a free build / upgrade bonus if that room will take less than 10 minutes until completely upgraded / built. So basically any room that has 9:59 left to fully upgrade, you can tap on the button which lets you upgrade it for free to benefit from a free upgrade. So make sure that you pay attention to this, and if you start making an upgrade which takes twelve minutes for example, you wait out two minutes and then benefit from the free upgrade! It's the easiest (and cheapest) way to go about making upgrades in this game.

You need to keep in mind that sometimes Rogers will get exhausted of cloning, and then you will need to take them out of the Cloning Room and place another couple inside. You will see a small green icon with an X above their heads when they are tired of cloning, so if that is the case, remove them because they will not do anything useful in there. Also you should create another Cloning Room as soon as you are able to, because that will speed up the cloning process and make it easier for you to get more Rogers.

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