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Almost a Hero

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Almost a Hero on iPhone iPod

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Regardless of what ability you are using you must keep in mind that each of them has a cool down time so only use them when you have to.

This is primarily a clicker game so you will find it more beneficial if you adopt a playing style that requires using more than one finger.

The best strategy is to unlock one hero at a time so you can develop and secure their future in the game.

Each of the rings you use have different elements attached to them for different use so keep an eye on them when you use them so you can use them accordingly.

It is essential that you upgrade your heroes whenever possible so you improve their individual abilities so they become stronger in battle.

Keep an eye on when you use certain rings since they all have different elements appropriate for different use.

Unlock one hero at a time. That way you'll have some time developing a hero and securing his future in the game. Don't send all the money in one stance. It's better to develope one hero first than start with new one.

Upgrading heroes is an essential part for any and every hero. Not only it improves their certain abilities but it also makes the stronger in battles.

Always keep in mind what is the cool down time for ability you are using. You don't want to get caught with pants down.

Remember this is a clicker game so it would be vise of you to use more than one finger.

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