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Addams Family Mystery Mansion, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Addams Family Mystery Mansion, The on iPhone iPod

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You may have noticed some green spirits coming out of the family whenever you fulfill a desire or quest for them. These are called spooky spirits, and they are a special temporary currency that shows the general spookiness of the manor.

If you earn some spooky spirits, you will earn a basic chest that containts crafting materials and Addams coins. The next chest contains rare costume cards that unlocks with a medium amount spirits. The final chest awaits you when you almost complete fill the Spooky-O-Meter, and it contains super rare items.

You can hold up to a certain maximum spirits a day. Whenever the day is over, the Spooky-O-Meter will automatically reset, and you will have to start from scratch. This means more opportunities to get chests though!

Try to fill up the Spooky-O-Meter as much as you can every day to earn lots of rewards. Remember: to fill it up you just need to complete quests and desires for the family.

Once you hit level four, you will unlock the Garden. Here, Morticia tends to her very interesting plants, and this is also the first item generator you will unlock.

Morticia's prized plant is the "Cleopatra". When it is a baby, it will produce Bug Essence every two hours. You need Bug Essence to craft Fertilizer, which is part of the Cleopatra bug chain. Upgrading Cleopatra will reduce the wait times and unlock new items.

Cleopatra is the first item generator you will unlock but definitely not the last. Be sure to check in every now and then in order to collect your materials, as you will need every last one of them. You will purchase more item generators as you progress through the game.

You have an inventory cap in Mystery Manor. You can see how many items you have at the top of the screen - the little bag icon shows how many you have and how many you can hold total.

Try not to let your inventory fill up, as any further rewards are wasted. If you are approaching your limit, simply use some items to fulfill desires or use them to craft the more complex items.

Of course, you can always upgrade your inventory using special items. For the first upgrade, you need two metal. The items will change between levels, so it is always good to work towards upgrading your inventory.

The Addams family always has kooky and zany desires, all of which can be tracked by tapping the notepad at the bottom right. If you do not have any current quests that requires specific items, go ahead and use them to fulfill desires. Desires are the main way to earn supplemental Addams coins, and you will need a lot of coins in order to bring the Mystery Manor back to its full glory. It is also a great way to clear your inventory if you are getting full of stuff. Speaking of which.

Each member of the Addams family can be assigned to perform a character-specific action, whether Gomez fencing with the knight statue or Morticia shapening a simple ball of yarn. These actions only take a few minutes to complete, and you are awarded with an item and some spirits. Most of the items that you receive from completing quests are actual crafting materials, so you are going to need a lot of them in the long run. Be sure to do as many actions as possible, and queue them up whenever they finish.

Every time you level up, you will gain access to more rooms of the manor. However, you will need to pay the Addams coin fee and wait the allotted time before the room actually opens to be used. While you are waiting, why not fulfill some desires or perform more actions? Once the room opens up, you will gain access to new quests and most importantly a new crafting station. Most of the rooms have a new crafting station that must be uncovered when the room is unlocked.

Special pieces of furniture in the Mystery Manor allow the Addams family to partake in "Moments". Moments are just like actions - they require time to complete and reward you with Addams coins and spirits, however the they take a lot of time to finish.

The first moment you gain access to is the Family Dinner in the Dining Room. You can use Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Wednesday to earn some goodies. However, the dinner takes a whopping four hours to complete.

Not that this is too bad, but keep in mind that when the family members are attending a Moment, they are unable to partake in any other action, including personal actions and desires.

The best time to start a moment is when you know you are going to be away from the game for a long time, like right before you head to bed. That way, you can come back to a bunch of rewards waiting for you.

You will earn rubies whenever you complete certain quests and when you level up. Free rubies are very scarce in this game, so you will to start saving up as soon as you start the game.

The earliest example of this is Wednesday Addams. You are given the opportunity to unlock her as soon as level three, but if you have been saving all of your rubies like we have, you will only have 55 rubies at this point in the game, and she costs a whopping hundred rubies to unlock.

You may be tempted to spend rubies early on to speed up certain process or buy the more exotic furniture, but resist the urge - you need to save up as many rubies as possible.

The various characters that comprise the Addams household are unlocked by level. When you unlock a character in Addams Family: Mystery Mansion it moves the story forward so you should be wanting to unlock new characters as quickly as you level up. When a character is readily available to unlock they will appear in the estate with an exclamation mark alert and can be acquired by investing the shown amount of Addams coins. Once a new character has actually been unlocked you will have the ability to play their story missions.

You can access Fester's hardware workshop by either tapping the tool kit icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen or go to the workshop itself which lies in'Fester's room'. Fester's hardware workshop will help you get the 'Expansion Materials' that are needed to expand to top-level zones. You can either complete the special orders for the asked for items to craft random growth products or you can save time and just acquire them with Addams coins.

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