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Virtua Fighter 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Virtua Fighter 2 on Genesis

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To change costume color press either D and A , U and A or D and C,U and C.The costume color differs with the buttons you press. | Submitted by Syndish

At the Options screen, highlight EXIT and press Left repeatedly until another Options menu appears. | Submitted by Syndish

If you need more time to choose your character, press Down, Up, Right, Left + A on the character selection screen. You now have 99 seconds to make a selection. | Submitted by Syndish

At the options screen press B on Player-1's life. Keep pressing B until you see the words No Damage Then press START. | Submitted by Syndish

At the character selection scene, hold Left until you hear a countdown and it reaches one. Dural will show up and you will be able to play as him. | Submitted by Syndish

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