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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Sword Of Sodan running on Genesis

Sword Of Sodan

Cheats & Hints for Sword Of Sodan - Genesis

Make the highest score on the high-score screen. Enter your name as "HINANP:)" and start a new game. Press START on Controller Two to warp to the next level. Alternatively, drink four Etherium potions at once to warp to the next level. - Sent by [Syndish]

Here are a few potions you can mix.

Potion(s) Effect
Red Increased strength
Orange Healing
Blue Zapper
White No effect
Orange, White Flaming sword
Blue, White Shield
Red, White Extra life
Blue, Blue Poison - Sent by [Syndish]

Enter your highscore name as (Space) (Space) MLESNA to unlock the Sound Test. For Level Select, instead of pressing Start to save the name, hold down the buttons below on Control Pad 2, then press Start on Control Pad 1 to skip to the desired level.


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