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Super Hang On

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Super Hang On on Genesis

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When the title screen comes up, press A + B + C all at once. A new screen will come up with new options like Time adjustment, Game difficulty, a sound test, and an option to change some of the text to Japenese. Press Start to exit and play the game. | Submitted by Syndish

In normal mode, keep crashing until you have engine trouble or a broken windscreen. Start another race and you will be forced to retire. Hit B or C to return to the Options screen with an extra $400. Keep starting a race and retiring until you have as much cash as you need. | Submitted by Syndish

Go to options and choose arcade mode. Then hit Up-Left-A-B and press start. | Submitted by Syndish

At the title screen select 'Password' and enter the followng code: 0FF0F000F00000FFNRLPIMFJILSL.

On the title screen, hold A + B + C. An Options screen will appear that allows you to choose the difficulty, time limit, and language. A sound test item will also appear. | Submitted by Syndish

Select PASSWORD from the Game Select screen. Input one of the following passwords and select ORIGINAL mode. You will start on the level you selected with the best parts, mechanic, $9999999900, and a 0-0 record.

Level 1 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30504
Sponsor: Pharmacy

Level 2 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30514
Rival: Jose Alverez FFOSLPIMFJHSSU
Sponsor: Pizza Chain Store

Level 3 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30524
Rival: Nobuhiko Hasegawa FFOSLPIMFJPOFT
Sponsor: Appliance Store

Level 4 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30534
Rival: Felica Perez FFOSLPIMFJHKKT
Sponsor: Game Company

Level 5 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30544
Sponsor: Distributor

Level 6 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30554
Rival: Marie Lefoure FFOSLPIMFJIRSW
Sponsor: Bike Manufacturer

Level 7 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30564
Sponsor: Giant Oil Company

Ending Password -------- 5FF3F546F35564

(Note: If you lose a race after inputting one of these passwords, the game will sometimes reset your cash balance to $000.) | Submitted by Syndish

When you reach the top speed of 280 kmh, press B + C to increase your speed to 320 kmh. | Submitted by Syndish

To see the grand finale in Original mode, enter "GFF3F546F35564 FFOSLPIMFJEDGH" at the password screen. Note: This code doesn't work in the Triple Score version of the game. | Submitted by Syndish


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