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Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety - Genesis

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Use the "Hidden Room: Level One" trick to get to the hidden room.? After you get the extra life, do not leave.? Stay on the right side.? The "GO" sign will flash four times and 4 extra lives will appear.? This trick only works once. - Sent by [Syndish]

If you just stay still while forming a web shield as Spider-Man or Venom, 90% of all enemies (including bosses) will just walk into the shield, bounce off and suffer damage. You have to make sure though, that your enemies don't circle behind you and hit you from the back by using the directional pad on your controller to turn left and right. - Sent by [Syndish]

For a greater challenge, enter the password "MRRYPN". - Sent by [Syndish]

At the beginning of level one, go up to the trash can on the left side of the screen, then push up and jump. - Sent by [Syndish]

On level two when you're on the bridge, before you go anywhere go to the top left-hand corner and do a jump kick. It will bring you below the bridge and let you fight some people and get some goodies. - Sent by [Syndish]

To start on any level, enter the password "SCBCRS". Note that you can't finish the game this way, as you'll return to the Level Select screen when you die. - Sent by [Syndish]

Having an anxiety attack? These passwords will quell your fears.

Level Password

13 QPMJCV - Sent by [Syndish]

To get Unlimited lives go to any level with an end boss (ex. Level 3 with the Venom like guy at the end) You must have some of the "Friends" as I like to call them(Captain America, The archer, etc.) any of them will do. While in battle with the boss you must let him kill you down to your very LAST life and down to low health on it, while at the same time have the boss down to 1 hit left. Now the tricky part. Let the boss kill you but at the same time call in your "Friend" and kill him. YOU MUST DIE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! If done correctly you will start the next level with 0 lives, but if you die it will go to 9 and so on. I myself have done this 5 times. - Sent by [DuesEx]

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