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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NBA Jam on Genesis

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For power-up defense, shot percentage, unlimited turbo, half court dunks, and to stay on fire the whole game, when it asks if you would like to enter your initials, press yes. At the initials screen, go to S and press C+Start, go to N and press B+ Start, and then go to K and press C + Start. Then at tip-off, when the anouncer says something, press C + Start! | Submitted by Syndish

To have the advantage of getting the ball at the beginning of the second and fourth quarter instead of just the second, plug your controller into the second player port and play like you usually would. | Submitted by Syndish

At the Tonight's Matchup screen, press A 13 times, and then hold B + C until the court appears. | Submitted by Syndish

For a better defense, wait for the "Tonight's Match-up" screen to appear, then press any button five times. On the fifth tap, press and hold the button until the tipoff. | Submitted by Syndish

At the "Tonight's Matchup" screen rotate the D-pad 360 degrees and press B 13 times. | Submitted by Syndish

To be "On Fire" for the entire game, wait until the "Tonight's Match-up" screen appears, then hit any button seven times. Then, press and hold B + C + Up until the tipoff. | Submitted by Syndish

Steal the easy way with this code, especially if your team has speed or defense problems. Wait until the "Tonight's Match-up" screen appears, then hit any button 15 times while rotating the directional pad clockwise. On the fifteenth tap, hold the button until the tipoff. | Submitted by Syndish

At the "Tonight's Matchup" screen press A 13 times, then press and hold A + B + C until tip-off. | Submitted by Syndish

This code rates the likelihood that you'll make a shot, excluding dunks. It's not very accurate however, as shot likelihood is largely determined by your player's attributes and whether computer assistance is on. To get this display, press any button once at the "Tonight's Match-up" screen, then hold A + B + DOWN until the tipoff. | Submitted by Syndish

First, you have to do alot of dunks, and get most of your points in the 4th period. When you have around 48 points, dunk the ball with a player with full dunk power and the backboard will break. | Submitted by Syndish

To select a special character, enter the first two initials, then place the cursor over the third initial and hold Start. With these buttons held, push the button shown. When you reach the Team Select screen, your character should appear. He joins you no matter what team you choose, trading places with one of the normal players. If he's taking the place of a player you want to keep, switch the team's order to swap players.

Player Initials Button

Air Dog AIR A
Al Gore NET B
Bill Clinton ARK A
Chow-Chow CAR C
Sal DiVita SAL C
Jamie Rivett RJR B
Kabuki QB_ A
Mark Turmell MJT A
P-Funk DIS C
Scruff ROD B
Warren Moon UW_ START + A
Weasel SAX C | Submitted by Syndish

At the Tonight's Match-up screen press B 7 times then hold B + C + Up untill the tip off. If you did it correctly, you'll be "on fire", immune to goal tending calls, and will never run out of Turbo. | Submitted by Syndish

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