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Mutant League Hockey

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mutant League Hockey on Genesis

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To play as the Darkstar Dragons in the playoffs, use these passwords.

Level Password

Round One J6J2F99GP74KJ
Championship JGHB26V2FLXW | Submitted by Syndish

To play as the Lizard Kings against the Mutant Monsters in the Monster Cup Championship, enter "3BFL2XLBKRRSL" as your password. | Submitted by Syndish

Not enough carnage for you? Here's a few more passwords to liven your day.

Lions vs Slayers PBXTTYPKSQP7B
Trolls vs Bots GVSLBN3J884XG
Things vs Slammers BCV6CMW7DNX8F | Submitted by Syndish

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