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Tony Hawk's Underground

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tony Hawk's Underground on GBA

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To temporarily go very fast, get inside one of the flower boxes that have a tree in it. Circle around the small rim surrounding the tree. Finally, grind on it. You should go around it very fast.

After the Bronx level is unlocked, go to the main menu screen and enter the option screen. Change the difficulty to 'Kid Mode'. In the Bronx level, go to the top of the residential area. Approach the side you just came from, and in a regular stance hold Left and keep tapping Flip or Grab. If you land sideways, you will launch back into the air and the game will it count as one combo.

To increase the chances of completing the Slam City Jam, follow these steps. Get to the Slam City Jam, Save the game before you start the competition. Talk to the official and enter the competition. At the place you start, turn around and there is a halfpipe with rails way above the sides of the halfpipe Go in it and get enough air to lip on the rails above the halfpipe. Make sure you are straight or it will not work. Lip on one of the rails. Do as many lip transitions as possible while balancing at the same time. When you have done about ten tricks, hold Down until you fall. The moment you touch down on the ramp again, press R to do a BS Revert and ramp off the other side of the halfpipe and do the same thing as you did on the other side. You do not have to manual between the two ramps because they are so close together. When you finish, if done correctly, you should get a score between 80 and 95 Do the same thing on the second and third heats of the competition. Try to get two heat scores of 90 or above to finish in first place. If you do not place third or better, turn off your game and turn it back on without saving after the competition.

Go to any level that has a halfpipe in it Unlock the area with the halfpipe in it Go to the half pipe. Ramp up and down the sides of the halfpipe to get a lot of speed and air. Next, ramp up a side of the halfpipe and do as many flip or grab tricks in the air as possible. When you do this, do as many of one trick as you can. To do more than just one trick, hold a direction and tap L or R. To get even more of one trick, if you are going for air stats (do more than one grab trick in just one combo) do Nosegrabs by holding Up and tapping R. If you are going for ollie stats (do more than one flip tricks in just one combo) do Pop Shove Its by holding Up and tapping L. The moment you land back on the ramp, press R to do a BS Revert and continue the trick. Then, ramp off the other side and do the same thing again until you are going to slow to go up and jump up the side.

To get easy manual stats, get your manual stats to the highest level that you can get regularly. Than go to a place that has a long open straight-a-way. Line up pretty straight with the straight-a-way. Tap back to go slow and do a regular manual by pressing up down. Steady your balance as long as you can. When you go out of control, press ollie or hold up and you will land the manual with the stats. The slower you are manualing the easier it is to go longer. If you are not sure what type of manual you are doing, (manual or nose manual) look down real quick or enough to see what manual you are doing. If you are doing a manual, (up down) hold up to land it. If you are doing a nose manual, (down up) hold down to land it.

Go to Battery Park. Go to the last tree on the right. Grind the far east side of the planter from the bottom to the top. You will keep grinding, but stop in place (you do not have to balance). Hold A to keep grinding and keep pressing B for more points. To stop grinding, release A. Do not press anything when you jump off or you will fall.

Make sure you have very high lip stats and lip transition tricks. When you enter the Slam City Jam competition, the game places you next to a quarterpipe with a pole on either side, and a wire with flags on each side. Go up either side of the quarterpipe and do a lip trick on the flags. This will give you at least 500 points, and it counts as a gap. Keep your balance while doing about 25 or 30 lip transitions in one location. This will count the flagstring gap each time you do a transition. When you have done the suggested 25 through 30 transitions, you will really have done 50 to 60 tricks, and will usually get ranked number one each time, after gaining about 2 million points. After you win the bronze, silver, or gold, you will also get $1,000.

Gt your manual stats high and do a manual while going slow. While doing the manual, keep tapping R. You will do pivots. When your manual balance gets close to the top or bottom, stop doing pivots and straighten it out. Then, do more pivots.

To get up quicker, repeatedly tap A.

Select story mode and complete the game. Get every single stat in all subjects (Exp. Air, Ollie, Speed, Spin, etc.) Complete every goal in the game. Save the game and shut it off. Turn the game back on. Select story mode, but instead of selecting 'Continue Game', select 'Load Game'. Then, select 'Continue Game'. Pause game play and go to New Jersey. The first chance you get, pause game play again and do not touch anything. Wait about five to ten minutes and the music should suddenly play. This does not always work.

Go to New Jersey. Unlock the drainage pools. Go into one of the pools. Go fast along the edge of the pool. Grind the edge. Do not hop while you are grinding and you will keep going around the pool. If you start to go out of control while you are grinding, jump off just before a curve in the pool and land on the sidewalk. When the amount of desired stats are reached, jump off just before a curve in the pool and land on the sidewalk You can do the same thing on any level on a round object that keeps circling. Alternately, go to a level that has a long object that you can grind on. Go to the beginning or the end of it, and approach it at about an 80 degree angle while tapping Back to go slow. Start to grind, and again do not hop. Keep grinding until the stats indicators (the green words in the upper-left corner that tells you how many and what kind of stats you will get if you land the trick you are doing) appear. Then, jump off and at the same time hold Left or Right and land on a flat area.

Go to the very right as soon as you enter the stage and grind the sidewalk. When the sidewalk ends, jump and do a manual. Go straight, then jump back on to the other part of the sidewalk and do the same thing at the end of that part. When you get to the end of the third sidewalk, do a boneless and any two or three flip tricks.

Go to the option menu and set the difficulty to 'Kid Mode'. Enter the New Jersey level and go to the draining pool. Enter the pool. Make sure that you are in a regular stance. Angle towards your right. Ollie and do as many flips or grabs as you can, holding Left. When you are coming down, land sideways and you should be back in the air for a short time. If done correctly, the game will count it as one combo.

Unlock the construction area then go to the fountain ride fountain and start grinding the edge. Try to stay on the white part of your grind balance meter. If you start to go out of control, jump off or wreck if desired. If done correctly, you will get 3 to 4 grind stat points.

You can sometimes skitch while holding onto the air behind a car. To do this, go to a level with a car. Try to skitch on it while going slow. Sometimes, your skater will grab the air instead of the car. This does not always work.

Select 'Options' at the main menu and scroll down to find the 'Cheats' option. There are fifteen cheats, but they are all off. To unlock the cheats, play as a pro in arcade mode. Finish all the goals for every level. Each time you do this, another cheat will unlock. Then, go back to the cheats menu to turn them on.

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