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Sonic Battle

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sonic Battle on GBA

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There are 3 special ??? skill cards for Emeral that are the ones to the right of the Ult. Cards. There are a ??? Sonic, ??? Knuckles, and a ??? Amy. Sonic's ??? is a homing attack type skill, Knux's ??? is a 3X Meteor Crush Skill and Amy's ??? is 3X Gifts. These skills are very strong and can KO someone in 2 hits! Hope I helped. ;) | Submitted by KenFougere

In Rouge's story, there is one battle where you have to run away from Rouge without being hit. But if you simply pause and quit the battle, you will automatically win.

There are different costumes of Emeral with different character colors.

Ninja Emeral: Shadow 1, Rouge 2, E-102 3.
Mega Emeral (Megaman): Sonic 1, Chaos 2, Cream 3.
Hallow Emeral (Halloween): Tails 1, Rouge 2, E-102 3.
Santa Emeral (Christmas): Kn. 1, E-102 2, Chaos 3.
My Custom Emeral: Kn. 1, Chaos 2, Sonic 3. | Submitted by KenFougere

In Emerl's story, go to Central City and go to the sonicteam building and type in these codes, 75619 for Sonic's, OTrOI for Tails', yU3Da for Knuckles', ArmIa for Shadow's, AhnVo for Rouge's, alogK for Amy's, ZAhan for Cream's, tSueT for Gamma's, and EkiTa for Chaos'. If you ask me I would say that Shadow's is the best. | Submitted by ClaytonTinsley

Successfully complete Tails' episode in story mode.

You must beat Story Mode with every character. After this is done you can go back and play the stories again. After beating them, you will get to read part of Gerald's Journal!

Effect - Code

Gerald's Journal entry #1 - Beat Sonic's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #2 - Beat Tail's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #3 - Beat Rouge's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #4 - Beat Knuckle's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #5 - Beat Amy's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #6 - Beat Cream's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #7 - Beat Shadow's story again
Gerald's Journal entry #8 - Beat Emerl's story again

Successfully complete story mode with all characters.

Successfully complete Knuckle's episode in story mode.

Two more air power ???s for you! Shadow's ???, where you triplicate yourself and do three chaos bursts, Cream's ???, a double chao revelution. Both are totally awesome, though I recommend sonic's ???. (As mentioned by the dude who thinks theres only three) | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

In Emerl's story, go to sonicteam near the highway and type in these cheats

Sonic-75619 | Submitted by Eggmanlover

Defeat Chaos 0 during Emerl's story line.

Defeat Gamma during Emerl's story line.

In Emerl's story use the following code: ArmIa.

Successfully complete Sonic's episode in story mode.

Successfully complete Shadow's episode in story mode.

In Emerl's story use this code: OTrOI

Successfully complete Amy's episode in story mode.

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