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Samurai Jack

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Samurai Jack - GBA

Enable Code (Must Be On)
00000000 0002 10003BFA 0007

Infinite Health
8200C25C 03E7

Maximum Health
8200C1EE 03E7

Infinite Special
8200C260 03E7

Maximum Special
8200C1F2 03E7

Stop Timer
8200C1E4 0000

100% Complete
4200C224 FFFF 0000000C 0002

Have All Items
4200C6AC 6300 00000009 0002

Have All Equipment
4200C6C0 0101 00000025 0002

Have All Collected
8200C24C FFFF

Max All Stats
4200C1F4 03E7 0000000E 0002

Max Att/Def Stats Codes
8200C1F4 03E7 8200C202 03E7

8200C1F6 03E7 8200C204 03E7

8200C1F8 03E7 8200C206 03E7

8200C1FA 03E7 8200C208 03E7

8200C1FC 03E7 8200C20A 03E7

8200C1FE 03E7 8200C20C 03E7

8200C200 03E7 8200C20E 03E7

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