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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team on GBA

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To gain the ability to evolve your pokemon you must beat Rayquazza. After you have beaten Rayquazza and the credits have rolled, you will gain access to Luminous Cave which is found at Whiscash Pond just north of the Pokemon Square. There will be a commotion in Pokemon Square prompting you to go there and learn about evolution. Then the next time you try to leave and go on any mission, your partner will stop you and tell you how to change leaders and travel using just one pokemon. Enter Luminous Cave with just the pokemon that you wish to evolve. The pokemon that you are evolving must meet the required level for evolution and in some cases might need an item such as a moon stone or sun stone. A link cable can also be used. To check if your pokemon is capable of evolution, check it's summary page and under evolution it will be Possible, Not Now, or No More.

To defeat boses such as ,articuno , moltres and Rayquaza, people have been saying that you need to be high levels you don't i was level 32 when i did it. A good move that you can use alot and a good rescue team. I used "BULLET SEED" it takes of about 169 off at a time depending what level you are but if you havn't got it dont spend ages looking for it!

Note: It won't work as well if your not a grass pok'emon. | Submitted by squishymarshmello

The best pokemon to begin with is Psyduck. He can stop explosions on the dungeon floor when you step on a Self-destruct tile or your team mates do you won't be destroyed (these tiles can be found after defeating Rayquaza).His Disable attack always paralyzes when used allowing you to easily put down bosses health. | Submitted by Jaf

Yo i am here to tell you how to get lvls... 1st go to the fighting training center south of the pokemon square. then keep fighting team Hydro. it worked for me cause i got my amazing team of rayquaza, dexoys, ho-oh, blastose, riachu, jarachi, and the 3 birds and 3 cats on lvl 100. | Submitted by DaKingAtDis

Y i am back to tell ya all how to get to Entie easy. 1st you have to get to Fiery Field and then there will be traps in the squares so hit "A" and then the will show up so u don't lose stuff or walk on the traps. | Submitted by DaKingAtDis

After you beat the game you can evolve in to a stronger form but you have to be at level.36 to evolve. | Submitted by manmom

You can collect extra green and grass gummies by going through Uproar Forest. Uproar Forest can be found a few days after completing Mt. Freeze. | Submitted by MegaMaster

If you have chosen mudkip in the quiz and your helper is a charmander,you can do this cheat. Name your mudkip"slipkip"and the charmander knuckles. You and your partner will have 280 life! | Submitted by delta

Beat the game (by defeating Rayquaza) and then go to battle Zapdos, Moltres or Articuno. Then when yo battle them they will ask you to enter in your rescue team. Then you have the Legendary friend area I wish. Good luck it only took me 6 minutes Zapdos lv 40 and Moltres lv 43, Articuno lv 45. | Submitted by macalana

You only need to be on lv23 to Lv30 to beat them P.S You should take one step to the side then you will get to attack him first. | Submitted by isaacwichman

To get to Rayquaza,you have to progress far enough in the game.After you beat Groudon in magma cavern,Xatu will summon everybody at the Grand Canyon and will say a meteor strike earth.He will tell you to get help from Rayquaza at the Sky Tower.There are some pretty strong pokemon at the Sky Tower,so don't leave for the Sky Tower yet,you should train first,when you think you are at a high enough levelthen go,remember to bring a lot of reviver seeds and heal items because Rayquaza is really strong.I recommend that you be level:60 or higher.There are 25 floors at the Sky Tower.After you clear 25 floors,you will reach a stone,you can save there.Rayquaza is on the 9th floor of the Sky Tower summit.Prepare for the fight of your life,its a tough battle. | Submitted by manmom

Recruiting Deoxys IS A TOUGH. MISSION:After recruiting Lugia you will gain access to the Meteor Cave dungeon. Put only three huge apples in your inventory. Choose one Pokemon to enter the dungeon; it must be level 100. Defeat one mirage Deoxys per floor to advance to the next. Get to floor 20 and defeat Deoxys when he is in front of you. Deoxys will join your Rescue Team and you will gain access to the enclosed island friend area. | Submitted by angelofontilla

When you see items and a Kecleon near it get all items and just go.When the Kecleon will warp in front of you something will pop up and say no.Then battle the Kecleon then all wild pokemon will turn to Kecleon. BUT BE CAREFUL THE KECLEON's ARE STRONG! | Submitted by Upgrademaster

When you throw a Gravelerock, it will fly over obstacles and deal 20 damage. The Iron Thorn and Silver Spike are thrown in a direct line and will deal a large amount of damage on the Pokemon in its path, friend or foe. Items like Oran Berries can be thrown at friends that are already holding an item and it will heal them. It is the same effect with Gummis. | Submitted by MegaMaster

After the credit roll you can go back and battle legandary Pokemon again and if you beat them they will join the rescue team but they might not because of your rank so try and be gold rank or higher. | Submitted by DJ

Zapdos - Lv 23 at the least
Moltres - about the same as Zapdos
Articuno - Lv 27
Groudon - Lv 31

Dont have any for further as I am not that far yet. | Submitted by Jonny

At the top of Mt.Blaze you will face Moltres you should be level.48 and you will beat him in about 1 hit. | Submitted by manmom

When you are at the top of Mt.Blaze(at the top peak) Moltres will fight you and you should be at level.30 and you will beat him in a few hits. | Submitted by Tyler

After you beat the game and the credits roll, you'll gain access to three new dungeons: Desert Region, Wyvern Hill and Waterfall Pond.

Rescue Mission Ranks also go up as you go up in Rescue Team Ranks

Unlockable - How to Unlock

Bronze - Acquire 50 Rescue Points
Diamond - Acquire 7500 Rescue Points
Gold - Acquire 1500 Rescue Points
Lucario - Acquire 15000 Rescue Points
Platnium - Acquire 3000 Rescue Points
Silver - Acquire 500 Rescue Points

There are some definite necessities for these dungeons as they are very difficult. You should have an escape orb, a couple warp orbs(for ambushes), 3 apples, 3 oran berries, 3 or 4 max elixirs, and 1 or 2 link boxes (so you have an easy time against the boss at the end). | Submitted by MegaMaster2

In very hard dungeons like Magma Cavern and Sky Tower, there will be certain rooms where a large amount of enemies will jump down and the text "It's a monster house!" will appear. These are very dangerous areas that will deplete your supplies (if you survive) and put you in a tough position. A warp orb will prevent the problem (but you will be more likely to encounter a foe on that floor). | Submitted by MegaMaster

In Magma Cavern and Sky Tower there are certain rooms that when you go in them a large amount of enemies drop down and a message says 'It's a monster house!'. They can do a large amount of damage. These situations can be avoided by using a Warp Orb immediately after the enemies appear. | Submitted by MegaMaster

After meeting ninetales and when you come back home a wynaut and a wobbufet come to tell to check out the board next to pelleper's office. go there and you will see the letter which says "punish bad mankey",read it then you will unlock a new dungeon,Uproar forest. | Submitted by Ranjev

if you get a grass, fire or water starter for your partner pick the resistance of that pokemon it also helps if its from the same region.


If you get Totodile from the personality test pick Cyndaquil.
If you get Torchic pick Treecko.

This gives you an extra chance of hitting pokemon in a battle.

If you get Meowth,Pikachu,Eevee,Cubone or Skitty then you cant use this cheat. | Submitted by Jonny

Input these codes in at the Wonder Mail screen. It will unlock special missions for good prizes.

NOTE: "..." is one character. Also, the parts in the brackets ([,]) are the yellow parts of the code.

Password - Effect

Line1: F?RP[F?...?]4+7? Line2: ...R?H[64?0]R??? - Unlock Mission to find Plusle and earn 400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon
Line1: ??-F[H?F?]?3P? Line2: Q??+[8?76]t8?? - Unlock Mission to find Wigglytuff and earn 200 Poke and TM31 (BrickBreak)
4 ? m f 8 7 t ? ? 3 n 4 (female) r ? 2 - ? 6 r 8 c ? ? - Max elixir. Voltorb's accadent mission. (both)
1 ? ? 9 4 w t ? 0 f 9 j n f ? 9 7 7 7 0 + 8 ? w - 500 Poke. I'm so worried about Ninoran(female) mission. (both)

When you are at the top peak of Mt.Thunder you will fight Zapdos you shpuld be at level.40 and you will beat him in no time. | Submitted by manmom

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