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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - GBA

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There is a shop in Beanbean town that makes you pay 100 coins for information for where to go next. Instead of "wasting" 100 coins. Go save somewhere and pay him 100 coins. He'll tell you what you have to do/where to go next, then just shut the game off and do what he told you to do.

This isn't really a cheat but it works. Keep on attacking until he goes into his shell when he does have mario attack with his fire hand attack. His decorations will catch fire and he will come out of his shell.Continue this process to win.(This is the easiest way to beat him otherwise wile he is in his shell you will cause 1 or 2 damage and he will heal about twenty.) - Sent by [AlexFairhurst]

Whenever Hermie hides in his shell, he will heal somewhere around 11-17 HP after two attacks. To prevent this, use Mario's hand power when Hermie starts hiding. You'll burn his decorations, and he come out mad. The more you scare him out of his shell, the more HP not wasted, which adds up to faster defeat.

When the fight begins, start by making Mario jump on her right arm. Her arms are her weak spot. Meanwhile, have Luigi pulverize her with his hammer so that she gets knocked back. Do not let her get too close. After your turn is over, Queen Bean will start sending shockwaves your way. Dodge them and repeat. After her right arm shrinks (usually requires six hits), go for the left arm. Her shockwaves will be weaker, but faster. After her left arm is toasted, her crown will fall off. At this point, she will start shooting lima beans at you. Barrage her with jump attacks, and when her arms get their strength back and her crown is back on her head, repeat the process to defeat her.

Just simply knock out the hammers Bowser throws at you. If you attack Bowser the Shadow Thief will steal your mushrooms and heal Bowser. The Shadow Thief can steal mushrooms and heal Bowser over 50. Knock out the Shadow Thief and then Bowser. Try to have at least 13 mushrooms before the fight.

At the skeleton ship, when you play the barrel mini-game, the skeleton is actually in a form of Donkey Kong.

Sometimes it is hard to dodge a monster's attack because you pressed the wrong button. If this keeps happening, try pressing A + B.

Hee Beans are easy to get when you know where to find them. You can get them in the following places. Note: These mini-games only work after the first time you play them.
Stadust Fields: The Border Guard game
HooHoo Mountain: The Minecart game
Little Fungitown: The two games in the GameArcade.

Note: You will not get poisoned again.

This trick should work after the Chucklehut Brothers teach Mario and Luigi their hammer techniques. Have Luigi use his hammer to shrink Mario.. Then, perform their "high jump technique", but have mini Mario jump at Luigi before Luigi can land on Mario. You will gain one coin. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired. Note: This was done after getting to the university section of the game. Note: Hitting Luigi for one coin will lower Luigi's HP by one point. He will only "yelp" when his HP reaches 1. However, you can still spend some of the bonus stats that you get at level up on the "Stach" stat (which discounts the items in the shops) and buy mushrooms at the castle town and recycle (i.e. use the "Easy money" trick then buy mushrooms to heal him and gradually generate money).

You can get Woo Beans by defeating enemies west of Beanbean Castle.

To find bean fruit easy you have to be small Mario when a exclamation point come's up hammer Luigi into the ground and coming up. - Sent by [CJ]

First go to beanbean kingdom.go to Q. bean and use luigis electric power. You should go through her do the same with the soldiers.(with the soldiers if you hit any of the 2 brothers with the hammer looks like the soldiers is attacking L or M.) - Sent by [derek]

This is how you beat bowletta. Firstly you have to be at least level 38. If you are still in bowsers castle try to defeat him. if he kills you you start at the bean bean castle. Go to the item shop and buy 10 ultra mushrooms 10 ultra syrups 10 ultra nuts and 10 1-up mushrooms. Equipt mario and luigi with these items: tank badge, casual slacks and an extra thing you got from the cafe thing. Go to bowsers castle.Now heres how you fight him. destroy his body parts. Leave his head for last or he will do something nasty to you. once you destroy every single thing on his body his heart will appear and it will restore all his body parts . keep attacking his heart with bros. attack. His heart will shrink back into his chest after a few turns. Keep doing that and he will soon be destroyed. - Sent by [Edward]

Whatever color the pirana plant is hit it with the opposite color. eg. If it is red hit it with Luigi's thunder hand, if it is blue hit it with Mario's fire hand.

When you get your hammers forged by the two hammerbros and get the super hammers, go down to the bottom right hand corner. You will see rocks destroy them until you see a door. Go in and there should be a rock guy. Talk to him. He will say give him 200 coins and chose a rock. under one is nothing, under another is 300 coins, and under another is a new bros. attack(They constantly switch so i don't know which one its under.) Then when you get ultra hammers go back to the one corner and destroy the black rocks until you get to the other door. When you go the time the rock will ask for 500 coins. Now under one rock is nothing, under another is 800 coins, and another is a new bros. attack (yet again they constantly switch so i don't know which one its under.)And presto you now have two new bros. attacks. - Sent by [GBAMAN]

This is a little trick I discovered to get infinite coins:

1. Make Mario go in front of Luigi.
2. Choose the hammer for Luigi.
3. After you hit Mario with the hammer, for Luigi, choose the high jump.
4. Use the high jump, but before Luigi lands on Mario's head make Mario jump.
5. This makes a coin pop out from Luigi.
6. You can do this as long as you want but doing this will decrease the health of Luigi, so keep some mushrooms handy. - Sent by [billbo_mambo]

At the Yoshi theater, a Kirby poster can be seen hanging on the wall.

One of the items that Professor E. Gadd gives you is an item called "Great Force", which actually looks like a Triforce piece.

First you must take your cartridge out this will glitch your game but will still be playable.then go to little fungi certain parts when you charge luigis electricity marios face will turn into a blue ball.when you let go marios face will be electricuded(this work with marios fireball but you can bearly see it happen.) - Sent by [derek]

Go to the very top corner of hoohoo mountain and you can see a tiny image of the castle.

When you first reach Hoohoo mountain, this little trick is really handy. After you get through the next cave you will reach a fountain. Use it to fill Mario and spray water at a fan contraption that is off a small bridge nearby (have Luigi jump on Mario to spray). It will give you a coin if you spray the fan part. It takes some patience, but if you keep doing it the machine will start to give mushrooms as well as coins. It will give you an amazing 11 mushrooms before it starts to only dispense coins (there's no limit to the coins, so spray away). - Sent by [billbo_mambo]

Before entering a pipe, enter it with Mini-Mario. During the Pipe-Selection Screen, the music in the previous area you were just in will stay the same. When you warp to your destination, the music in the pipe will now be the BGM until you leave the area/go into pipe while not Mini-Mario.

Red and Green Peppers normally will temporarily boost your Power or Defense, respective. The boost is x1.5 on the international version and x1.25 in Japan's, though this glitch is not in the Japanese version. If someone under a Pepper's effects is KOed and then revived by a 1-Up item in the same battle the effect will remain for the remainder of the fight.

Here's how to do some advanced bros moves. You have to keep using bros moves until mario say advanced or something. i only k now how to do advance moves for splash bros and bounce bros. For splash bros when mario junps on luigi press A and then mario is directly on top of luigi press A again. Mario will jump up and the word Advanced will appear on the screen. press B when mario is on luigi and he will throw mario into the sky and mario will be spinning around and press A when mario will lands on the enemy. This is for bounce bros: press A when luigi jumps above mario and it will say B when they land. this will seperate mario and luigi and you press B directly followed by A if you have multiple enemies you can hit two at once. If you want a stronger attack and you dont want to hit two enemies at once you press only A when luigi jumps above mario and that will do the total damage you do the other advanced way of bounce bros. - Sent by [Edward]

Every time you make a new beverage in Starbeans Cafe, Professer E. Gadd (last seen in Luigi's Mansion for GC) comes and samples the drink. Afterwards he gives you a special item.

Drink 1: Greed Wallet (doubles the coins you get in battles)
Drink 2: Bonus Ring (doubles EXP if taken no damage)
Drink 3: Excite Spring (floating defensive jump)
Drink 4: Great Force (doubles the damage you give and receive)
Drink 5: Power Grip (don't lose hammer in defense)
Drink 6: Cobalt Necktie (doubles your 'stace points)
Drink 7: Game Boy SP Horror (get rare items easier after battles) - Sent by [billbo_mambo]

When you earn the spike badge, you can jump on the enemies in the adventure field for free items, XP and other junk. If your level is high enough, you should be able to kill them instantly for fast cash.

If you equip the Gameboy Horror SP, you'll get even better items! - Sent by [billbo_mambo]

The following list describes each stat:

HP: Your health
BP: Bros. points for special moves
POW: How much damage you can inflict
DEF: How much damage you can sustain
SPEED: How early you can attack in a battle
STACHE: Increases the odds of a Lucky Strike and you get a better deal at shops.

At Bowser's Castle, there is a part where a paper Bowser is hanging on strings. There is also a little axe is next to it.

Go to the arcade in Little FungiTown and play the mini-game there. Geno can be seen in the corner.

Once you make it to Little FungiTown, (after you face the big rock boss) you can enter the gaming arcade, which is in the eastern part of town. Go up to the top of the stairs in the arcade. Beat the high score of the game on the right, which I believe is 200. You will win an invincishroom. Mario will eat it and become sick with the bean fever. The curing plant is found in the Guffahaw ruins. After Mario is healed, you can go back to the arcade. Play the same game again and every time you get a nice score (which is easy) you will get up to 9 hee beans. Do this until you have 99 beans, go to the beanery, and make yourself some drinks!

At the Yoshi theater, a Wario poster can be seen hanging on the wall.

There is a room with a group of statues with either blue or red balls in the center. You have to hit the statues in the following order. Note: B indicates a blue statue and R indicates a red statue. B R B R R R R B B R B R And then a second time: R R B B R B R R R B R R.

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