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Lost Vikings, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Lost Vikings, The - GBA

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One of the game's developers left a photo of his as a bonus, press: Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select and Select at the game load screen in order to see it.

Go to the Load Game screen. Enter left, right, L, R, up, up, down, Select. If entered correctly, you will hear a viking burp. Now you will not take damage from regular enemy attacks and falls (although spikes and other things will still kill you). But that's not all! Once you enter this code, go to the Load Game screen. On the 6th save slot, you can now press right and left to select a stage. This (almost) makes up for the lack of a password feature in this version of The Lost Vikings.

To get past quicksand in the EGYPT level simply climb trees near the quicksand. - Sent by [DayleJ]

The key to beating the scorpion is to stay close enough to the scorpion that you can slash it with your sword, but far enough that you don't get hit by the scorpions sting. - Sent by [DayleJ]

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