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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - GBA

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In rooms with the poltregeist tiles, stand at the edge of the room and face the center of the room. The tiles will bounce harmlessly off the shield.

During the Light World fight with Agahnim, he turns into a shadow, and moves around like that. If you bring up the map exactly when he is turning from shadow to real form, his colors will be really distorted, or he will look transparent, just like the 2 fake ones during the second fight. If you keep doing it, his colors will keep changing.

Upon entering Dark World and completing the first dungeon, Link can enter the Thieves' Den dungeon in the Village of Outcasts and upon completing it, he can use the Titan's Mitt to get the Dwarves to upgrade the Master Sword from L2 to L3.

First make sure u have the strongest set of gloves to lift the dark rocks. Then go to the cemetary and there will be lots of those dark rocks surrouding one gravestone ( it will be up in the Northwestern corner and lift the rocks then push the gravestone that is in the middle and u will find the cape of invisibility much earlyer in the game!!! tada  - Sent by [skullsplitter]

After obtaining the magic bee, go to the man who sold you the bottle. Release the bee near him and he will buy it for 100 rupees. Go to the dark world and go into the store in town. You can now buy more magic bees and sell them. - Sent by [jagdlailoi]

When you see a ex-fairy (a skull with four red blocks on it) sprinkle magic powder on it and it will turn into a fairy. - Sent by [Ben]


In a cave in the northwest corner of Kakariko Village (bombs).
In a green house next to the elder's house in Kakariko Village (bombs).
Run race in southwest corner of Kakariko Village in 15 seconds or less (Pegasus Boots).
In a cave under some rocks just east of the Sanctuary (Pegasus Boots).
In a cave in the desert (Bombs).
On the ledge on the west side of the desert (Pegasus Boots).
Fall in a hole under a bush near the southeast corner of the Lost Woods.
Fall down a waterfall in Zora's domain (Flippers).
In a cave on Death Mountain (Power Glove).
On top of Spectacle Rock in Death Mountain (Magic Mirror).
Below the Huanted Grove--Use the Magic Mirror in the Dark World (Hammer).
On an island in Lake Hylia--use the Magic Mirror in the Dark World (Hammer).
Drain the water in the Swamp Ruins and the heart will be outside.
In a cave behind the graveyard--use the Magic Mirror in the Dark World (Hook Shot).
In hole in tree the loggers were cutting by the Lost Woods.
In a cave in the northeast corner of the desert--use the Magic Mirror in the Dark World (Flute).
On a mountain peak in Death Mountain east of the Tower of Hera--use the Magic Mirror in the Dark World.
On Death Mountin--use the Magic Mirror halfway through the dungeon under Turle Rock. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Dark World

On the east side of the pyramid in the Dark World.
One of the chests in the chest game in the Village of Outcasts (Hook Shot).
Hammer all the stakes in the area east of the Village of Outcasts where smithy's shop is in the light world (Titan's Mitt).
In a cave in the Swamp of Evil (Flute).
Go through a cave east of Skeleton Forest. Use the Magic Cape to get past the rebounder. (Magic Cape)
Play the treasure digging game south of the Village of Outcasts. You may have to play the game several times before you find it. (Hammer) - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

To earn Silver Keys, complete each level with a team score of 1000 or more Rupees, then beat Vaati for ending #1. To earn Gold Keys, complete each level with a team score of 3000 or more Rupees, then beat Vaati for ending #2. To earn Hero Keys, complete each level with a team score of 5000 or more Rupees, then beat Vaati for ending #3.

Go west from Turtle Rock to Ganon's Tower. The seven maidens will use their power to break Ganon's seal so that you may enter the tower.
Descend to the 1st floor using the stairs on the left. Knock the key off the pillar and go left.
Knock down the moles using your hammer and then push the middle block. Underneath is a star tile which will allow you to get to the door on the left.
Use your Hook Shot to get to the south end of the next room. Hit the crystal to make it blue, set a bomb, and quickly pass over the blue blocks before they pop back up again.
In the next room, place a bomb next to the crystal on the left and hurry across the red blocks before they pop up. If you place the bomb too close to the crystals, they will both trigger and the the crystals will stay red.
In the room at the other end of the teleporter, push the block standing by itself near the west side of the area to make a treasure chest appear and use your Hook Shot to get over the chasm.
Step on the right teleporter, then on the one below you, then the one on the bottom-left corner of the room. After two more teleporters, you'll be out of those rooms.
In the next room, go to the northwest corner of the room and use the Firerod on the torch to the right. Hurry across the bridge that appears before the torch goes out and you can no longer see the bridge.
Place a bomb in the bottom-right corner of the room and fall into the hole to the basement.
Defeat the knights with your bow and silver arrows. It will be trickier to beat them than the first time because the floor is all ice, but with the Silver Arrows, they will die with one hit. Take the Big Key from the chest in the room to the north.
Ascend to the 1st floor and take the Red Mail from the chest.
Return to the 2nd floor and then climb up to the 3rd.
Push the block in the northwest corner of the 1st room to open the door.
In the 4th room, the button to open the door is underneath the middle skull below.
At the end of the 4th floor, you will have to fight the boss from the Desert Palace again. With the most powerful sword, however, two hits will kill each of the worms.
Cast Ether and the bridge in the 1st room will flash, or try to find it by trial and error. Defeat the three wizards and the door will open.
In the room with the four torches and the spinning flames, pick up all the skulls so that the torches aren't blocked, light all four torches with the Firerod, and quickly run to the exit before the door closes.
On the 6th floor, light all four torches in the 1st room to open the door.
In the third room, use a bomb and quickly throw it against the wall so that it is carried to the left and will blow up at the right time.
At the end of this floor, you will have to fight the boss from the Tower of Hera again. Try not to get knocked off the side.
Use your Hook Shot to get over to the chest that just appeared and go to the top floor.
Use the same technique to defeat Agahnim as in your previous battle. Deflect the beams so that they hit the real wizard and not the images.
Once you have defeated Agahnim, Ganon will leave the wizard's body, turn into a bat, and fly to the pyramid. Link will use the flute and follow him. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Under the items for A Link To The Past, the Roc's Cape is listed. However, it is really the Magic Cape. The Roc's Cape is only in The Four Swords. - Sent by [Neto]

Jump off Spectacle Rock (near the first warp pad you find in the game) in the Light World and land on top of the cave entrance. You will go into the cave, but the screen change animation will glitch. You will appear in the middle of the screen, but none of the buttons (except Start and Select) will do anything. The only thing you can do at this point is save and quit the game. - Sent by [Neto]

When you get the shovel and the magic boomerang (the normal version may also work), you can dig very quickly. Throw the boomerang, quickly change to the shovel, and dig. The spot where the boomerang passes by will be dug. - Sent by [Neto]

In the dark world on top of the pyramid go down and u will see a crack in the wall (u wont be able to blow it up with your regular bombs) go to your house in the dark world and there should be a super bomb for u to buy, buy it then take it to the pyramid and blow the wall with the crack in the wall up go in and throw your sword in the fat fairy will then give it back to u but when she does she will upgrade it and it will turn gold!!! tada - Sent by [skullsplitter]

There is a secret bee that will never fly away from you. Go to the cave where the Ice Rod is obtained. In the cave next to that one is a statue of a fairy. Run into it and the bee will appear. - Sent by [Neto]

Go to the cave with the Ice Rod, and go into the non-secret entrance, not the one leading to the Ice Rod. Dash into the statue at the end of the passage, and a Golden Bee will pop out. Catch it, and take it to the guy who refuses to sell you the Golden Bees. He will say that they are not as rare as he thought they were and will begin selling Golden Bees.

On the west side of Death Mountain, you will find a cave that leads back down.
Enter the Lost Woods and go to the northwest corner. With all three pendants, you'll be able to take the Master Sword.
When you leave the glade, Zelda will tell you that soldiers are coming to the sanctuary.
Hurry to the Sanctuary. The priest will tell you that soldiers took Zelda to the castle before he passes away.
Enter the castle and climb up onto the walls. Use your sword to break the barrier in front of the door and enter.
Climb up the castle tower to the 7th floor. There you will watch Agahnim send Zelda to the Dark World and the seal of the seven wise men will be broken.
Go to the back of the room and sweep away the curtains with your sword.
You will have to fight Agahnim on the balcony. You can not hurt the wizard directly, but hit the magic he throws at you with your sword to rebound it back to him.
Once you have defeated the wizard, he will draw you into the Dark World. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Go to where the witch's hut is located and pull up the rock. Go south, then go east There will be two caves, one open and one that needs to be bombed. Bomb it to get the Ice Rod. - Sent by [Neto]

Leave the sanctuary and go west. Follow the signs to Kakariko Village.
Enter the building that's marked with an X on your map and speak to the village elder's wife. She will tell you that the elder has gone into hiding.
Go to the very northwest corner of the village and drop into the hole next to the cave. Inside you will find bombs. Use the bombs on the weak part of the wall in the cave to find a piece of a heart container.
Enter the green building next to the elder's house and use another bomb on the north wall in the basement to find another piece of a heart container.
Speak to the bottle merchant and give him 100 rupees for a bottle.
Use your last bomb on the small hut in the southwest corner to create an entrance. Inside you will find more bombs and some arrows.
Speak to the boy near the south part of town who is standing beside some chickens and he will tell you where the elder is hiding.
Near the southeast corner of the town you will find the inn. Enter the building from the back to find another bottle.
Speak to the sick boy in the building north of the inn and he will lend you his Bug Catching Net. You can catch bees and farries with this and store them in an empty bottle. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

After you obtain the hammer in the Palace of Darkness in the Dark World. Return to Kakariko village in the Light world. Beside the Smith's house, you will see a pole you can now knock down with your hammer, proceed to jump into the well and walk into the door on the north end of the room. You will see a statue of a hand holding a bowl with a red substance in it. Use your magic powder on it and a little demon will appear claiming to curse you. He instead will put a 1/2 mark on the top of your magic gauge, making it use half the amount of magic to use your magic using items such as your medallions and rods. - Sent by [NickAddy]

In the light world, there is a house on the western side of town where a girl will call the guards if you talk to her. Go in her house WITHOUT talking to her and pick up one of the jars. There will be a chicken, if you use your magic powder on it, it will turn into a human. - Sent by [Chicken]

Fall into the pit in the pyramid to confront Ganon.
Attack Ganon with your sword as much as you can. His attacks will change as you hurt him. First he will throw his pitchfork at you, then he will surround himself with a ring of flames which will turn into bats and fly at you. After that he will stomp on the ground and tiles around the wall will fall away. If you fall in the space there, you will have to start the battle all over again.
After you have hurt Ganon enough, he will begin his secret technique of darkness. Light both of the torches and the light will temporarily blind him. Hit him with you sword while both torches are lit to stun him and then hit him with three Silver Arrows to finish him off.
Step into the next room and you will receive the Triforce. Peace will return to Hyrule. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

At the beginning of the game, Link is in his uncle's home when he hears a call for help from Zelda. Link's uncle will leave the house equiped for battle and tell Link to stay inside.
Get out of bed and open the chest to find the Lamp.
Leave the house and go north to the castle. The Castle gate will be closed and a guard will tell you to leave.
Follow the castle walls to the right and then north. Pick up the bush at the end of the path and fall into the hole.
You will find your uncle who has been injured. He will give you his sword and shield and tell you to rescue Zelda.
When you leave the passage you will be inside the castle gardens. From here you can enter the castle.
Take the stairs at the back of the first level to the first basement level.
Defeat the soldier to get the key to open the locked door. Look inside the treasure chest to find a map of the castle.
In the northwest corner of the second basement level, kill the guard to open the doors that have locked you in.
Enter the room to the right to get a key from the guard and the Boomerang from the chest.
Use the key to open the door to the north to get to the lowest basement level.
Defeat the enemy with the ball and chain to get the Big Key. Throwing the pots at him will make the battle easier.
Unlock Zelda's cell and speak with her.
Return to the front room of the first level and Zelda will tell you to go to the throne room.
You will find the throne room on the second floor. Push the ornamental shelf from the left side and a passage will be revealed behind it.
The next area is very dark. Use your lamp on the torches to light up the area. It will only last for a little while, however.
Continue through the sewers and eventually you will reach an area that is lit up. Push the center block up to get to the stairs.
In the second room of the 1st floor, pull the level on the right to open the door.
Go through the door and you will be in the sanctuary where Zelda will be safe. The priest will tell you you need the Master Sword to defeat Agahnim. He believes that the village elder may know where it is and will mark his house on your map. Take the heart container from the chest to increase you life. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Earn ten medals in the Four Swords mode to start the riddle quest with the Lumberjack in Link to the Past. Finish the Riddle Quest to obtain the "Hurricane Blade" skill.

The running man in Kakariko Village, that dashes away from you each time you approach, can actually be caught up to. To catch him, run towards him with the Pegasus Shoes. It'll take some practice, but you can catch up to him. Nothing useful happens though, he just tells you about some various things that aren't very important. Still, it's fun to be able to catch him.

Complete the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. Go to your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.  - Sent by [Neto]

The Chickens found in Kakariko Village and other areas have a vendetta against you; that is, of course, if you attack them. Hit a chicken enough with your various weapons, whether it be sword, arrow, bomb, whatever, and the chickens will come from all directions to peck you! It's a storm of chickens! Not really a useful secret, but a good one none-the-less, wouldn't you say?

A fairly important secret, the Waterfall of Wishing provides Link the opportunity to upgrade two of his very important items, his Shield and his Boomerang. The Waterfall of Wishing is located at the end of the river in which you get the Flippers from Zora, but on the opposite end of the river. Pass by the Witch's Hut, move the green stone to gain access to the river, and you'll be in the general vicinity. You need the Flippers to access the Waterfall of Wishing, however. Read the signs in the area to find its location, and then jump into the water. Swim north into a waterfall and you'll be in a secret cave. Now, approach the pond in the cave and it'll ask you to throw an item into the water. Throw your Shield in the water to get the Red Shield back, and your Boomerang in the water to get the Magical Boomerang back, both free of charge.

Before you go to Turtle Rock, go to the bomb shop south of the pyramid and buy the super bomb. Drag the bomb behind you and go to the pyramid. Press the A button when you are in front of the large plate with the crack in it on the pyramid and the bomb will blow open a hole. Throw your sword into the water and the faerie will power it up. Also throw your bow and arrows in and she will give you the silver arrows which you need to kill Ganon.

To get to the last palace on Turtle Rock, use the flute to get to Death Mountain in the Light World and make your way to the northeast corner of the mountain.

On Turtle Rock, hammer the east post, then the north post, and finally the west post and a portal to the dark world will appear.

In the Dark World, cast Quake on the Quake tile to open the entrance into the dungeon.
Use the Cane of Somaria on the question mark to create a tile that you can use to follow the line across the chasm.
In the next room, go through the north door on the east side of the area. Light the four torches with the Firerod as you pass by them and then quickly go through the open door. At the end of the next room you will find a key and the map.
Go to the northwest corner of the large center room and defeat the bouncing enemy for another key.
In the next room, hit the crystal from a distance so that it is blue and push the top block on the left side to reveal a chest containing a key. Open the door and descend to the next level.

On the next floor, enter the pipe from the bottom-right corner of the room.
Enter the lower pipe in the next room. Go through the room at the other end of the pipe and you'll be able to get the Big Key from the chest.

Return to the 1st large room and then go to the second large one. Enter the top pipe this time and go south, then west.
Place a bomb on the south wall and go through the passageway. Use the Cane of Somaria on the other side of the passageway to get to the Mirror Shield. This shield will reflect laser beams.
Go north from the big chest to get to the next level.

Find your way to the center of the next area and step on the button to open the door. Go to the southwest corner of the room to get to the next room. (Tip: Shoot your Hook Shot just before the fire hits you and you will not get hurt.)
If you have the Mirror Shield, you'll be able to get the key from a chest in the south-most room.
Descend to the lowest level so that you can fight the boss.

Use the Icerod to stun the blue head so you can hit it with your sword and use the Firerod to stun the blue head and destroy that one with your sword as well. Hit the blinking part of the boss several times to destroy it and you will free Zelda. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Before you enter the Desert of Mystery in the light world there will be two stone, if you lift the bottom one a stairway will appear. Go inside and there are alot of bottles with 5 rupees each. You can break them and then leave and return and the bottles will be back. - Sent by [Tim]

Play Link to the Past and get the Master Sword in the Lost Woods (you will need all three amulets for this). Once you have the Master Sword, save your game. When you quit and start the game again, a message will confirm that you can now use the Sword Beam (when your heart meter is full) in Four Swords as well.

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