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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on GBA

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At the begning get Hp boost untill you get to Lv15. Then you most get Cp boost on Lv 15,16,and17.When you are at Lv 18 up to 25 get Hp boosts.get up to Lv 26.Then get Cp again at 26 up to 30. Then the rest get Hp tell you are done. Then get the rest of the of the Cp tell you get 2000. I did it and I beat the game faster. | Submitted by ArkadiyAronov

Lead Pooh to the end of 100 Acre Wood.

Defeat Hades.

Finish "Monstro" level.

Do you have trouble with the last Riku fight? In order to defeat him,be around level 70 and have about 5 "0" cards and whenever he uses the move where the room gets dark and he jumps off the walls(Dark Aura) or Dark Firaga, use them. It is important that you keep them at the end of your deck so you wont have to search your deck for them. Once you defeat him, go to destiny islands and save it and then go to Castle Oblivion and you face Larxene. | Submitted by Anthony

This is for the slights that require friend cards (such as Goofy, Donald, and others). For example, you have Trinity Limit. It requires Goofy, Donald, and any attack card. What you do is wait until you get a Goofy or Donald friend card. When you get it, use L + R and the same for the attack card. When you get the last friend card you need, use Trinity Limit or the other slight that you're using. You get to keep your attack card because it's not the first card for the slight! | Submitted by FireElementLord

Defeat Jafar.

For marluxia, you have to put about five, six zero cards in the beginning your deck. next put only six, seven, eight, & nine value cards in your deck beside the zeros. and last put the darkside enemy card in your deck & make sure you have enough cp. in the battle, use the darkside card when marluxia uses "double sleight". then keep trying to use trinity limit and other sleights. for marluxia redux, use the same deck, except take away darkside & put in the marluxia enemy card & use the same thing that you did for regular marluxia. i did the same thing, but it didn't work for a few trys. but still worked. | Submitted by yajirobe

If an enemy is attacking you, jump over him so you can hit him in the back. | Submitted by ArkadiyAronov

Press A + B + Select + Start during game play.

This isn't a code, it's just a hint. If you hit a heartless in the field, it will become knocked out in the beggining of the battle (this doesn't work on bosses!). | Submitted by KevinMcDonald

To play in versus mode with other Nintendo GameBoy Advance Users, you must defeat the game in Story Mode with Sora. This will also unlock the "Riku Story Mode".

Randomly found inside one of the doors opened with the golden bar card.

Complete the game with Sora the first time through. After that, when you load a new game you will get an option for Reverse Rebirth mode, where you will control Riku.

To unlock Riku's story mode beat the story mode with Sora.

Finish the story mode with Sora.

If you don't like the type of room you're in, hit the door leading to the room you want to change with your Keyblade. You can then change the room type. However, this doesn't work with the story rooms or the "exit" room. | Submitted by FireElementLord

Defeat Guard Armor.

You can skip story sequences (dialog) by holding down start for about 2 seconds. Unfortunately, this does not work for the animated sequences.

After beating Riku's story mode, go back to your story mode for Sora and use a treasure chest map card in castle Oblivian and you should get Sora's best Keyblade. | Submitted by GCMAN

Summon Card Defeat Captain Hook.

Beat Reverse Rebirth mode to unlock Ultma Weapons for Sora. You can buy them in Moogle Shops.

For this secret open two connecting rooms, and wipe out all the enemies inside. The places were moogle points are regenerate after you leave a room and return, but the enemies don't. Just go back and forth in those two rooms to get all the moogle points you want. I find that you get about 2000 in about 5 minutes or so, depending upon how lucky you are.

When you use a White Mushroom Map Card, you'll be in a room with alot of White Mushrooms. When you fight them, they won't attack you, so don't attack them. However, when they have a lightbulb above their head, use Thunder on them and they will die instantly and give you a Premium 65% of the time.

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