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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on GBA

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Buy a lot of Gold Lumber, then put it in your field. The next day, an event will occur in which almost every character will visit and yell at you. This includes the Mayor.

You can do this if you want to save money.


First, build a fence on the field then place the chickens in there. You can leave those chickens outside without putting them back. Even at night! You can leave them there forever but, remember the weather. You can always do the other cheat I had submitted (Not really a cheat^^). As for the cows and sheep, you would need more time and patience. Build a
fence and plant grass there! (Be sure there will be enough grass to feed them all because the grass grows back fully in a week) Unlike the chickens, they can't stay outside when it is Winter because the grass can't grow[Obviously :)] Doing this, you can save gold! | Submitted by MaryGraceSalvador

She likes cooked eggs, birthday Summer 17.

Save the game before you go to bed, just in case you forgot to feed your animals, water your crops, etc. You can just turn off your game, turn it back on, and re-do what was forgotten the first time.

Spring: Turnips (Supermarket)
Summer: Pineapples (Zack's house)
Autumn: Sweet Potatoes (Supermarket)
Winter: Nothing (but you can fish)

Bold, the little pink harvest sprite, has his birthday Spring 4. He likes Honey and bread so wrap that up for him and he will be really happy. | Submitted by Chrysan

Build a fence on your field and throw your chickens in there. Since they are trapped in there, they cannot run around your farm and be difficult to find. They will also find their own food in the same area everyday, so you do not need to feed them.

Here is how to get the codes to work.

1. Must already have a saved game.
2. After choosing your codes and starting up the game, turn the codebreaker off.
3. Load up your saved game.
4. When you are in-game(can move your character around),turn the CodeBreaker back on,press select to enter the farm earnings screen,then exit the farm earning screen to have all your codes active

1.enable code(must be on)
0000E882 000A 100D1BFB 0007

2.max gold
820068B4 E0FF 820068B6 05F5

3.infinite stamina
32006A29 004B 32006A2A 002A

4.infinite lumber
82004E30 03E7

5.max backpack slots
32006A44 0008 | Submitted by Xx-GothicLegato-xX

Every Saturday at 1:00p.m. go to Anna's house and she will teach you a recipe.

In spring, go through the exit at the botton of your farm, turn left, dont go to the mine, turn left again and you will find 3 bamboo shoots. Sell'em and get 750g.

To gain at least 1,000 gold every day in summer, you don't have to grow crops or harm your stamina mining. Just collect grasses. Each grass pays at least 100 gold. collect three in three different places(the hot springs, by the lake mine, the woods by the wood cutter's house, and the beach). do this daily and collect 1,000 gold a day. This hint best works in the summer for there are more grasses grown in that time.

Ellie loves flowers, any kind. and if you visit the doctor and have a check-up daily, she will like you more.

Make use of those Festivals that occur on the beach. Since time doesn't pass, and you don't expend energy you can fish without worry.

1 - Bring your basket!
2 - Fish for the large fish, and fill your basket up. Max out your carry capacity by putting 8 more fish in your rucksack.
3 - Toss aside any garbage. You can always confess to littering later!

Your profit for a day's worth of fishing will be 7600G.

If you want a certain girl to be your girlfriend, make sure you bring her things she that likes at least once everyday. Find out what her schedule is, so that you know what she is doing at each time of the day. Always talk to her and bring her some of your crops that you grow. If she does not like something you give her, do not give it to her anymore.

To marry a girl, there are a few requirements:

Have the second house upgrade, and the big bed.
It's easier if you have the whole cooking set.
Buy the blue feather.
Have a girl at the red heart level.
See all of the girl's heart events.
Propose to the girl AFTER giving her her favorite item. | Submitted by Legato

Catch all the different species of fish, including the 6 Kings

Ship at least 1 of every shippable item
Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and receive the Gem of Goddess
Own the Big Bed for your home
Dig up every type of item from the Lake Mine
Dig up every type of item from the Spring Mine
Be in your 5th year (or later) on the farm
Ask Carter for permission to "Marry the HG" during his Confessional times | Submitted by Legato

At the beginning of the year while using your TV, if you press Right(2), Up or Down quickly, then Left, you will play a mini-game with the Harvest Goddess. In it, you must guess if the next question is higher or lower then the last number. The better you do, the better your prize.

This is a somewhat difficult game, but can be played five times a day for the first five days of spring. Go to your TV and press Left until you see the Harvest Goddess. If you pass her up, just press Left until you see her again. The prizes
for this game include the following:

1 win: Nothing
2 wins: A type of grass or herb
3 to 9 wins: Unknown
10 to 14 wins: Relaxation Tea Leaves
15 to 19 wins: Hand Lotion
20 to 24 wins: Water
25 to 29 wins: Tissues
30 to 39 wins: Perfume
40 to 49 wins: Pre-wrapped Dress
50 to 59 wins: Golden Log (put in shelf and never outside)
60 to 69 wins: Fish Fossil (sell for 5,000)
70 to 79 wins: Treasure Box (sell for 10,000 )
80 to 89 wins: Ketchup Recipe
90 to 99 wins: Fried Potato Recipe
100 wins: A Book

Notice that if you plant seeds then water all nine spaces with a level 2 or higher watering can, you will not be able to reach the crop in the middle without cutting a stalk from the sides. However, if you recruit a Harvest Sprite to harvest crops for you, it can walk through the crops and harvest the middle one. This is only useful for crops that can be harvested more than once though.

To get help from the Harvest Sprites, give each of them a lot of bread, which you can buy in the supermarket. The gnomes love bread. After you feed them, their heart points should rise to 3. You can now ask them to do your work (watering, taking care of animals, harvesting), or you can play a game with them. Do not forget to give them some bread each week (one piece for each) to maintain their heart level.

When you get your horse, always talk to and brush it. When it is an adult, ride it all the time. In two or three days Barley will appear. If you did not take good care of your horse, he will take it.

First, you go to the place where you find the Bamboo Shoots in spring. If you haven't reached Winter yet, you should always see water. But when it reaches Winter, it shouldn't be filled with water anymore. It will be filled with snow. So you can walk on it. Then you will find a little cave. Go in it and there will be a mine. If you break the rocks, most of the time you will find jewels. Note: This only works in Winter! | Submitted by Kara

In your dog house.
In your horse's stable (water tank).
Exchange 1,000 medals at the horse races.
Buy one from Won for 50,000 G.
Check a lamppost between the Church and the Town Square.
Mary's library, second floor, farthest one to the right.
New Year's game show on the TV inside your Town Cottage.
Calendar in your Mountain Cottage.
Take 8 of them to Thomas' house and check the refrigerator.

Give her lots of wine. When she gives you a bottle of wine, save it, and wrap it and give it to her on her birthday (Fall 15).

To get this, you need the following:

ATLEAST 1 Basket.
The (Fully Grown) Horse.
Some money to begin with.

If you don't have them, do this:

Basket: It's at the Supermarket.

Horse: Barley will offer you to take care of the horse. Do it and when he returns you will be able to keep it. Brushhim and feed him honer/carrots, and talk to him. When you get the horse, it's best to make sure he has full hearts.

Money: Earn it somehow, I suggest getting a chicken, then place it's egg into the incubator until you have the most you can have. After this, get a cow. Also look for things in the wild.

Now here's how to get the money:

In Spring/Fall there will be a horse race. Enter your horse and bet all your money on it. Win the race. Then with the tickets, buy the necklaces, put them in the basket, rinse and repeat until either your basket(S) are/is full, or your out of tickets. Then empty your basket in the shipment box. The next day you should see that you have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of money.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get loads of cash like I do! This is how I got the 100,000,000 house. | Submitted by Jamie

Every day talk to the girl you would want to marry, give her her most favorite thing

Ann - Boiled Egg
Elli - Milk, flower or herbs
Karen - Bamboo Shoot or Wine
Mary - Herbs (any color)
Popuri - Egg or Flower

Give any of those item for that certain girl everyday. When its time for the heart event hurry up and try to activate it. And before you know it you could get married in the first year. So try not to miss any of the the items in TV Shopping Network.

Mary likes mushrooms, birthday Winter 20.

In the sheep festival ( I'm not sure witch one) when you talk to the mayor, he should say "are you ready to judge cows now?" I noticed that one day when i was playing. | Submitted by pablofan

When it is the sheep festival, the mayor will say "are you ready to judge Cows now?".

Like you know the fishing rod you get check out the discription on it it is like configed! | Submitted by Kal

If you link up to a Nintendo Gamecube wait for a few seconds. The HG should say "sending dgata". How wierd is that? | Submitted by Mr.X

Buy a brush and a milker( can only be used on adult cows) and use them every day. Also, talk to them. | Submitted by kyle

Stay married for 50 happy years and your wife will decide to get you a Cottage on Mother's Hill.

On certain events, the clock on the bottom right will disappear. When you now use a tool, it will not take down your fatigue. This makes it easier to bless some cursed tools by just swinging a lot.

This is pretty easy! ^^ If you don't want any rain or anything that could be a hindrance to your farming, taking care of the animals, etc., follow these:

After your finished in doing all of your work, don't sleep yet! Save your game first then go to sleep. When the next day comes, watch the television for the weather forecast. If it says it's going to rain, snow, etc. tomorrow, don't save! Load the game or turn it off. You will be back at the time you last saved. Just repeat this procedure every time the weather forecast says it won't be a good weather the next day.

I do this every time because I hate those days! | Submitted by MaryGraceSalvador

She likes things from your animals (eggs, milk, wool) and chocolate. The higher quality the egg, milk, or wool is, she'll like you more. Give her lots of wrapped gifts on the third day of summer, that's her birthday! If you give her at least three wrapped gifts everyday, she should be on her red heart before the end of the first year.

During any season except winter, throw 2 cucumbers in the lake near the mountain. A Kappa will appear and ask to be left alone. For the next 10 days go to the lake and drop one cucumber each day. On the tenth day, Kappa will give you a Blue Power Berry that will double the amount of fatigue that you can take.

Apple Jam: Apple Pot with Sugar
Grape Jam: Apple Pot with Grape
Salad: Carrot, Turnip, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Knife (Vinegar?)
Moon Dumplings: Dumpling Powder and Milk
Mayo: Egg Whisk and Vinegar
Fries: Oil Potato Knife and Frying Pan (Karen loves this recipe)
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot

In the winter when you talk to the officer, he will say that its raining instead of snowing.

82003F04 0000 | Submitted by algen

The little blue sprite is the 15th of spring give him 2 breads and he will be happy 1 heart should come up. | Submitted by David

Timid, the little green spite, celebrates his birthday Summer thirteenth, give him 1 honey or bread and 2 hearts should show up. | Submitted by Chrysan

The Sprites that you could get to work for you really like the honey that grows in your tree! | Submitted by Kal

The sign on the Winery says that it is closed on Sundays only. However, it is actually closed on Saturdays.

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