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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu on GBA

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To knock down your opponent in 1 hit, go to the Z-Store and then to the Bonus Settings. Once you are in the Bonus Setting, click on "Instant Death." Then go to Tournament, and pick your character. Once you are fighting, be careful, not to get hit, cause you will die instantly. But the same thing will happen to your opponent, hit them once and they will die, not to mention that you will get a perfect every time you fight. | Submitted by Daniel

Successfully complete tournament mode as Android 18.

Energy Beam: Press Left, Right, Left, Right+B
Rocket Punch: Press Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right, L

Successfully complete tournament made with all characters including the hidden ones.

Hover Punch-
Left, Left/Down, Down, Right/Down, Right, B.

Green Sphere-
Down, Right/Down, Right, Right/Down, Down, Left/Down, Left, R.

Seismic Punch-
Down, Left/Down, Left, Left/Down, Down, Right/Down, Right, L. | Submitted by WilKramer

Successfully complete the tournament mode as Piccolo.

Use Buu on any fight. Press down, forward, b. | Submitted by Derek

Successfully complete tournament mode as Android 16.

Play as Goku, Gotenks, or Krillin and hold the D-pad diagonally and hit B, B, B.

Successfully complete the time challenge as vegeta.

Flying Disk: Left, Diagonal, Down, Diagonal, Right. | Submitted by Andre

Beat the tournament as Gohan & beat the tournament as Trunks. | Submitted by VampireFollower

When you go to the Z-store.Buy from the Bonus Setting and that will allow you to change the difficulty level and it will allow you to get more Z-points even faster,or allowing you for extremely challenging fighting matches. | Submitted by JoelDiaz

1st, turn on the "Explosive Touch" & "Free Supers" on in the BONUS SETTINGS.

Choose Broly for any fight. Use the Hover Punch move*. After Broly gets up, the wave from his Hover Punch remains on him, but he DOES NOT continue using hover punch. To get rid of the wave, simply jump. | Submitted by WilKramer

Unlock the characters Cell and Nappa and go to sparring with you being cell and the computer as nappa. charge until you can do the normal Kamehameha(the one where you punch him into the sky) and do it to him when you are right next to him and punch him into the air. you should see nappas head bobbing up and down on the botom of the screen. | Submitted by yano509

First, set the fast clock as a bonus setting. Select Vegeta in a tournament fight. When time is nearly up, start using Vegeta's Oazaru attack. If you are using the attack when time runs out, for the rest of the match (Round 2 & 3) there will be a moon moving slowly around the screen. Note: It is pretty hard to get exactly the right timing. | Submitted by TheDBZMaster

Kamehemeha: Press Down, Forward, Down, Forward, L
Super Kamehemeha: Press Up, Down/Right, Down(2), L
Spirit Bomb: Rotate the D-Pad in a half circle forward, than press Up+R

Successfully complete the Time Challenge as Gohan.

Kamehameha: Down,Diagonal,Left,Down,Diagonal,Left+B
Super Ghost Kamikaze: Down,Down,Left,Right+L
Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball: Left,Diagonal,Down,Diagonal,Right+R | Submitted by Tyrone

Successfully complete tournament mode as Vegeta.

Special Beam Cannon:
Rapid Fire: Down,Diagonal,Left,Down,Diagonal,Left+L | Submitted by Tyrone

Successfully complete tournament mode as Gohan.

Turn "Free Supers" on. Just before a fight begins, punch in the button combo for any Super Attack. Your character will unleash his/her move before your opponent can even move! | Submitted by WilKramer

Galick Gun: Down,Diagonal,Right,Down,Diagonal,Right+B

Big Bang Attack: Down,Diagonal,Right,Down,Diagonal,Right+L

Oozaro Monkey: Left,Diagonal,Down,Diagonal,Right, Up+L | Submitted by Tyrone

The easier way to knock out your opponent is to simply duck and kick/press are. You might get hurt though but you will be a 'quick winner'. But for doing this you must get closer to your opponent. | Submitted by tushant


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