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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Daredevil on GBA

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Enter "41TK1S6ZNGV" as a password.

Get 75,000 points to get a Bullseye Bio.

Collect all DD tokens from construction site level to get a Bullseye Movie Shot.

Get 25,000 points to get a Daredevil Bio.

Successfully complete the game to get a Daredevil Ending Montage.

Collect all DD tokens from basement level to get a Daredevil Movie Shot.

Collect all DD tokens from train platform level to get a Daredevil Movie Shot.

Collect all DD tokens from the elevated train level to get a Daredevil Movie Shot.

Collect all DD tokens from subway level to get a Daredevil Movie Shot.

Defeat Echo to get a Echo Illustration.

Get 50,000 points to get a Elektra Bio.

Defeat Kirigi to get a First Issue Cover.

Collect all DD tokens from surface level to get a First Issue, Volume 2.

Speak to Foggy to get a Foggy Bio.

Unlock all previous secrets to get Issue #10 Cover.

Get 100,000 points to get a Kingpin Bio.

Successfully complete the game to get a Level Select option.

Defeat Bullseye to get a Original Bullseye.

Defeat Elektra to get a Original Elektra.

Defeat Kingpin to get a Original Kingpin.

Rooftop Rumble: Y*PSC**K**4
This Traffic Is Murder: F*FNK*TKFKH
No Way To Treat A Lady: CCKMC*R*B*P
A Question Of Honor: 0CKN**4**KR
Fighting With Shadows: WCP7D*CDGKM
Over Troubled Waters: H**7LBK5**D
Master Of The Hand: 4**3NB23GKL
Descent Into Madness: MCP3NBY5B*L
Into The Savage Sewers: MCF2J*K5ZKD
Battle Below Ground: RCK6JB4VW*L
The King Commands: RCK2QBRVXKB
Wrong Side Of The Tracks: RL*7S*RXHKM
Out Of The Darkness: MNF39*MVJKN
No Return Ticket: 4LTPZBP5R*K
Switchback: RST21BK3SKK
Like Looking In A Mirror: RQYQZCPV8*M
Bad for Business: 4QYQ7CK39KC
Long Hard Climb: 4S2PZC459B[DD]

To unlock secrets you have to complete a task. There are a total of 40 secrets.


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