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Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet on GameCube

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Here are the bosses and how to defeat them:

Galdon: First get Tricky to breath fire on the giant ice statue. The Galdon will then start attacking you. Run round him and blast his tail with your fire blast or get Tricky to flame it. The Galdon will then swallow you. Quickly attack the hanging muscle holding the spellstone. You will be spat out. Shoot the Galdon's chest when he's powering up his flame breath three times. You will be swallowed, again attack the muscle.

Red-Eye King: This T-Rex like boss will chase you and then charge at you. Use your shield and use fire blast on the blast boards. Grab the barrel and stand on the grey power-up. Electricity will fly and if the Red-Eye King is nearby he will be stunned. Throw the barrel at him. Do this a few times.

The Beast: This boss is really simple. Just dodge his projectile attacks and jest keep shooting at him.

Andross/Krazoa God: Once you have placed all six Krazoas at Krazoa Shrine you will fight Andross in your Arwing. Shoot at the hands and then his eyes. This pretty much how all the fight goes. Andross will then transform so shoot his eyes and hand. He will turn back to the Krazoa God. Falco will arrive and drop some bomb up-grades. Fire them at his hands and eyes. | Submitted by NickTidmarsh

As listed before you can change Trickys color by throwing his ball around 15-20 times. If you throw it with him 15-20 times he will turn purple and green. Throw it 15-20 more times and he will turn blue and green. | Submitted by Vaderkid

To give yourself an added bonus to your mission status, collect golden CheatTokens. They are located in wells around the planet. One in each main area, like CapeClaw, or the ThornTail Shop. These are only two, but there are more of them in the game.

1. Center of ThornTail Shop - Pay 20 - Credits
2. Behind BombSpore Patch in Ice Mountain - Pay 20 - Gives you Sound Test

Snowhorn Wastes - Swim to the end of the river to find the well.
Moon Mountain Pass - Plant a Moon Seed in front of the second Krazoa shrine.

Lightfoot Village - Become a member of the Lightfoot tribe. When you run across a distressed mother who says her children are underground, help her out by finding them for her. Once you get them out of the underground, she'll help you find the well.

Cape Claw - Use the Portal Device to take control of the cannon, shoot at the platforms near the starting point. Explore the holes you created to find the well.

Volcano Force Point - Take Moon Seeds back to the Temple (after snagging the third Spell Stone). Drop down next to the second gate and plant the Moon Seed, and use it to get to the well.

Ocean Force Point - Take the Portal Device to the temple (after getting the fourth Stone). Go past the elecrified floor to the portal door, through which you will find the well.

Display End Credits : Shows end credits
Music Test : Test music from the game
Special Message : Tells about a enemy
Set Language to Dinosaur : Make game language dinosaur
Sepia Mode : Black & White Mode.
Special Message : A voice from the past.
Special Message : Tells about the future.

Go to the shop on dinosaur planet with the salesmen with no legs go to her games room bet 1 scarab win the game (you must win)then leave the room but instead of turning go straight through the wall in front of you the lift the rock with your staff and a few scarabs will appear collect them (worth 3 each)repeat this process until satisfied.

I tried doing this test about a zillion times but couldn't get through more than around ten seconds of it, there was way too much stuff going on the screen distracting me. In the end I did it by covering up the TV screen with the back of my chair so that just the top of the screen showed and it was much easier to focus on the red line without the distractions. Also, tapping the control stick makes it easier than pushing it left or right.

To defeat the Galdon and get the first spelllstone, you must first get Tricky to use his flame command on the giant ice sculpture in the room. Galdon will defrost and attack, keep cercling him until you get his "but" in view and shoot a fireball, do this three times then Galdon will swallow you. Hit the thing dangling in the air 4 times. After he will spit you out and attack again. He spits a ton of green toxic balls at you then the thing in his chest will open, shoot a fireball in three times and he'll swallow you again. Do the same thing you did the first time and he's dead. | Submitted by TheSUMINER

Level 1: Use the ptranadon and shoot the shooting torches and light them up. Then shoot the rutter until it explodes a few times. Then light the torches again and they will explode. The ship will turn. Dodge the fireball and shoot the dinosaur like crazy.

Level 2: First talk to the bird in the cage twice. Then go through the doors he opens. Get the key and go to the bird again.

Level 3: Dodge the bad guys with Y. Open the gate with your key and grab the keg. go down and throw it at the crack in the wall. Go in and get the other keg and throw it to the boxes. Find the pad and take it past the fire and explode the door (it will work after 3 times). Sit the keg on the button and talk to the dinosaur. Go to the warp pad and do the challenge. Beat the bad guy with the keg.

Level 4: Get Krystal's staff by looking around. Lift rocks to get scarabs. Go in arena and fight the guys. Go through opened doors and get the upgradehanged. (when i was playing it went from a pinkish color to a dark blue )

Purchase tokens in the center of Thorntail for 20 scarabs. Now take the tokens to the maze guarded by the huge Stone Guard above the waterfall. Look for the well and throw the token in with the c stick. Go to the main menu and to options to see the cheat you unlocked.

In Thorntail Hollow, get a few Scarabs and go to any item and go below ten Scarabs of the price of the item. accept and he will say "no thats too low" or something like that repeat and after 3-4 times he will say: "get out i dont sell to cheapskates!!!" this doesnt do anything but its fun to watch him have a meltdown. | Submitted by ssbmmaster

After you get to the warpstone, and get to the Snow place. You will soon have to race two bad guys who are taking away the Queen's son. When you race them you have to bump into each of them 5 or more times to beat the race. Then you go to Snow Horn.

Go buy tricky's ball (when want to buy an item lower then price 20% or 10% and some times the shop keeper will sell the item for cheaper) and through it for Triky about 15-20 times. Tricky will turn a new color (purple and green).

They're are two faces when fighting Andros. First the robot side. Shoot the eyes and the diamond on his head. dodge the waves he shoots out of his mouth. Then he will turn around and try to slap you. Shoot the diamonds on his hands. You probably won't be able to destroy both hands right away so then after he is dont trying to hit you he will blow out a bunch of boulders. Shoot them so they don't hit you and go through the silver rings for a little more life. Then he will suck everything back in. Go to the right and keep pressing (R). That will keep you from getting sucked in. Then he will turn back around and shoot the waves again. Shoot his eyes and the diamond on his head. Dodge the things he is shooting at you. After you shot out his robot side, he will turn back around and try to hit you again. Dodge it and shoot his hands / hand again. Once both his hands are destroyed he will blow out ring and rocks again. Go through the rings and dodge the rocks. Then he will suck you in. If you destroyed both hands you won't be able to escape it when he sucks in. Then Falcon will come in and shoot Andros. So now it'll keep repeating the process. But when Andross blows rocks out go through the wilver hoops and falcon will drop a bomb. Get it and when Andros sucks in shoot the bomb and he will turn invisible and only his brain will show. He will charge at you but go to the side then back into the middle and shoot his brain. Keep repeating this process until he dies. | Submitted by Krista

First get Tricky to breath fire. Then it will shoot at you. Dodge it and make Tricky stay then go around Galdon and hit its tail. Then it will swallow you. Then start hitting the uvula. Then it will spit you back out. Now shoot its neck where it is highlighted when it is sicking in. Then it will swallow you. Hit its uvula and it will spit you out again. Then you have the first spell stone. | Submitted by Krista

First find a side that has the floor switches up. Then go to the corner and shoot the red button and pick up the bomb then when the Red Eye is comming step on the switch and it will be electricuted. Run twords it and throw the bomb on its head. Do this a couple of times and it should be defeated and you will get the 3rd spell stone. | Submitted by Krista

You will land on the platform. Try to shoot him. Sometimes they're flames comming out of pipes. They're some switches shoot those to make the flames stop. Then start shooting the beast again. Keep shooting him until he dies. Then you will have the last spellstone. | Submitted by Krista

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