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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for SSX 3 on GameCube

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When racing, you can ride better if you do not jump on the jumps. All the other racers will stay in the air when doing this, while you just ride on. When there is a big turn, you can sometimes take a shortcut by going out of the track and taking the untracked course until you are back on the course.

You can complete the "Do 10 grinds on 10 different objects before the time is over" BIG Challenge by grinding on just one rail and jumping on it nine times. That will count as doing ten grinds on ten different objects, and you will have completed the challenge.

To enter these cheats go to options by pressing y. Then go to enter cheats.(These are case-sensitive)

shoppingspree - All gear in lodge 1
zenmaster - Brodi
wheresyourtail - Bunny san
greatwhitenorth - Canhuck
tankengine - Churchhill
worm - Eddie
boneyardreject - Gutless
slicksuit - Hiro
brokenleg - Jurgen
bronco - Luther
back2future - Marty
callhimgeorge - NW legend
windmilldunk - Stretch
finallymadeitin - Unknown rider
naturalconcept - All artwork
graphicdelight - All boards
biggerthank7 - All peaks
djsuperstar - All playlist songs
postnobills All posters
nogluerequired - All toys
gotitgotitneedit - All trading cards
myeyesaredim - All videos
milkemdaisy - Cudmore
potty - JJ
betyouveneverseen - Snowballs
notsosvelte - Svelte Luther | Submitted by Nintendofreak

Get 100% in all mountain stats. Enter a lodge, select rider detail, then choose cheat character.

Selectable at the Peak 1 Lodge as a cheat character.

Selectable at the Peak 1 Lodge as a cheat character.

Race down the big jump at the start, then take a few turns. Between two buildings on your right side will be a rail (marked with two lights). Take it. At a certain point, the route will split into two different paths, Look carefully to see that there is a little route between them. Take it and go for the jump over the building. Later at your left-side you will see an "out of bounds" route. Make sure that you are taking the rail. Another quick way happens when you are riding to the quarterpipe. Do not go on the quarterpipe; instead make a fast turn.

When you race, take the "out of bounds" routes as much as possible. They help a lot, but there are a also more hidden routes to take where it does not say "out of bounds". Look out for those. Most times you will find them by taking a rail that does not follow the track.

Selectable at the Peak 2 Lodge as a cheat character.

Go to "Enter Cheats" in the options menu and enter "zenmaster".

Access the cheats menu from the options menu and enter worm (case sensitive) to unlock Eddie.

Access the cheats menu from the options menu and enter bronco (case sensitive) to unlock Luther.

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