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Resident Evil 4

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Resident Evil 4 - GameCube

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Use the D-pad and Analog-stick together to aim faster than normal.

Complete the game to unlock the Assignment Ada and Mercenaries-mini-games, the Professional difficulty setting, the Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black costume, and the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase.

After your second encouter with The Village Chief head straight back to the previous room where you met him. A scene will occur where Ada saves you from The Village Cheif again.

When you shoot your enemies in the shin they will fall to their knees and give you an opportunity to go in for the kill. This sweet spot is in the range of the shin or knee. These are the moves:

Leon- ingame= Back kick Mercenaries= Suplex
Ada- Back kick
Krauser= Kick
Hunk the 4th Survivor= Knee
Wesker= Chikyo (Axe) kick
All are at least one-hit wonders 84% of the time - Sent by [Zero]

After you watch the credits at the end of "Assignment Ada" it will ask you if you would like to watch the credits again. Choose "yes" and it will play the credits again but with different music.

Alternate Title Screen Complete the game once.

In the castle area, right after engaging the Bugs in the sewers, you will see a large group of Ganados Zealots in mid prayer. If you spook them they will run away, and you miss out on ALOT of money. Right before the sewer they give you a flash grenade. SAVE IT. When preparing the ambush on the congregation, go north then swing across the chandelier. When on the other side look down, and try to hit them all with a flash grenade to stun. Immediately jump down and run north to their exit point so you lock them in. If you have an incendiary or frag grenade you could use it here, other wise line them up for some shotgun carnage. They will each drop a spinel and their leader drops an Illuminados pendant, worth around 32000 altogether.

When Ashley is on a cliff or still up a ladder, you can aim your gun up at her. She will grab her skirt and call you a pervert.

To complete Ashley's puzzle with ease, take a look at the layout below:


Numbering the slots from top to bottom in that manner, hit the following positions in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9. Watch out for the knights!

Early in the game, when Leon first enters the village, he should avoid the door that belongs to the building where Leon can get a free shotgun (the largest northeast building). Simply do not run into the house that triggers the cutscene. While Leon will still need to kill zombies to progress, he will not have to deal with the chainsaw enemies, who may be fairly tough on the out-set. After the bell rings, feel free to enter the house and collect the items and shotgun inside.

To avoid getting hurt by traps such as explosives and bear traps, use your laser sight and shoot at the explosive or the middle of the trap.

As Jill, not returning Barry's 44 Magnum will result in Lisa Trevor killing him. Letting Barry die will result in the Tyrant not attacking you on the Helipad!

As Chris, not saving Rebecca from the Hunter in the Study will of course result in her dying! Letting Rebecca die will also result in the Tyrant not attacking you on the Helipad! - Sent by [HRBEK]

After all the villagers go into the church (chapter 1-1), go back to the starting point. If you press A to check the bridge, it will show a cutscene where Leon sees the truck on fire and the bridge has gone out.

Late in the game, Leon will stumble across a weapon aptly called the Killer 7, an obvious tip of the hat to Capcom's Killer 7 videogame.

Before the end of the chapter, there is a puzzle in the church. The puzzle is a simple mix of colors. Three different designs surround the main design. The colors are red, green, and blue. When you enter the church, turn to the left and go down the little hall. Climb the ladder. When you are up there, you will see that the way to the door is barred. You must get to the other side of the church by jumping on and off of the chandelier. On the other side, there is a set of switches. When you activate it, the puzzle starts. The goal is to turn the designs so when combined, they are the same as the middle design. Turn red twice, green once, and blue three times. When combined, it should create the design. Then, go in and grab Ashley.

The quickest way to complete the puzzle as Ashley in 3-4 is as follows. The layout of the puzzle's squares is referred as:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Press A on the following in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9.

If you have used a code device (eg. Action Replay) to play as Jack Krauser (etc) in the main game, it is vital that you skip all radio cut-scenes. If you do not do so, the game will crash. Albert Wesker seems to be able to handle most of those cut-scenes, but not the one in Pueblo (after fighting the villagers there).

It might be an idea to actually go through the game with Leon again, taking note of where all of the radio cut-scenes are... - Sent by [HRBEK]

The enemies who captures Ashley will seek to leave by the nearest area exit; these are the exits that have the "green" OPEN or context command as opposed to the normal "white" text. If they manage to reach one of these exits, then the game is over. When leaving Ashley to do stuff alone, be sure not to leave her near a green exit door.

When you get to the graveyard for the first time, Run up by the church and shoot the bell, 3 not-zombies will come running from where you entered, shoot, grab items, repeat.

In round 2 select the special costume set. After you watch the cutscene where Ada saves Leon from the village chief check the broken window. Leon will say "There is something about that woman in red" when infact Ada is not wearing red at all.

Press the C-stick to move the background. Press R to zoom the view in or L to zoom out.

Kill Salazar's "right hand" that you need to use the liquid nitrogen tanks on to receive the "Crown Jewels". which fit into the "Crown" treasure item. This is difficult; try using the Chicago Typewriter.

When you meet the man with the chainsaw, shoot him with the shotgun and incendiary grenades. You can also just use your handgun, but you will probably get killed. The shotgun is found in the building that is diagonal from the tower.

Not using the RL makes this fight harder, and in my opinion more fun, so try this if you choose not to buy a RL or don't have any cash. When you freeze him get close so the kick option appears, kick him down and he will stay frozen alot longer, allowing you to unload more rounds into him. Another tip if your using the BB when out of ammo freeze him at the next station reload then kick him over, you can still get at least 4 shots off. He will take about about 14 BB rounds at 20 damage a piece and a couple of Leon kicks to the face before he meets his doom. Plus you get an item worth 11000 Ptas for killing him.

When you first enter the area where you fight Del Lago, the monster in the water, head down to the dock. If you shoot the water about eight to fifteen times, you will get see what he thinks of you.

In the area where Ashley is carried away by the flying insects, you can destroy the nest that is hanging from the ceiling. After it is destroyed, you will find a lot of green and red eyes, and if you are lucky, even a blue one. This is a good way to
get the Butterfly Lamp filled with all three jewels early so that you can get some extra money for upgrades.

If Dr. Salvador happens to back you into a corner, you should know that he is actually quite easy to dodge. He swings his chainsaw from his left side, so if you run past him (on his right side), you will easily avoid decapitation! Practice this a few times in a new game to perfect it (if you must). - Sent by [HRBEK]

If you buy the broken butterfly before you find it, you can hold twice the ammo. The shopkeeper will not sell you this gun if you already have it.

After you kill the hatchet guy as soon as you start the game, go upstairs to the window. Do not jump out. Instead, take out your pistol and shoot the glass out. Then, carefully aim for the villagers' heads that are awaiting outside. There are three of them. If you kill all three, you can jump out and avoid any damage.

Once you gain access to the tunnel with the merchant beyond Pueblo, return to the farm area and wait for the chickens there to lay eggs. Exit and re-enter to begin the same process over again. After you fill your inventory, you can return to
the nearby merchant to sell your eggs. White chicken eggs sell for 300 Pesetas, brown eggs for 600 Pesetas, and golden eggs for 3,000 Pesetas.

There are three types of eggs, white, brown, and golden. Collect these, equip them, and fire on Ashley. They will not harm her and it is funny. Aim from a distance to get used to them. They are lighter than a grenade and fly far when thrown. Note: She will duck when in close proximity.

Each weapon has a special "Exclusive Power" when all of its stats are custom tuned to the maximum:

Blacktail - Increases firepower to 3.4
Broken Butterfly - Increases damage to 50.0
Handgun - Increases the chance of a headshot being fatal by a factor of five (5% or 20%, take your pick)
Killer7 - No exclusive power
Matilda - Increases magazine capacity to 100
Minethrower - Adds homing ability to mines and increases their blast radii
Punisher - Each bullet can penetrate up to five bodies
Red 9 - Increases firepower to 5.0
Rifle - Increases firepower to 18.0
Riotgun - Increases firepower to 10.0
Shotgun - Increases the effective damage range of the gun
Striker - Increases magazine capacity to 100
Semiauto Rifle - Decreases firing speed to 0.40 seconds
TMP - Increases firepower to 1.8

Wait until you are low on ammunition before upgrading a gun. The replacement gun will always have a full clip, giving you extra bullets that otherwise may be difficult to find.

During the part where Leon and Luis defend the cabin, shoot Luis with your pistol (or any other gun) around 8 or more times. You will get a cut scene where Luis will shoot Leon back, and give you a game over.

To find items, smash all of the crates with either your knife or a gun.

In the shooting gallery,if the background is of the castle, you can see fireworks by shooting the moon to turn down the lights then shooting the castle that will start the show of fireworks.You can only do this once per round and it adds 300 points to your score.

If you are low on health spray and herbs when at the lake take aim at the fish and fire away. When you hit a fish it floats. Jump in the boat and ride over the fish and take it. Depending on the size of the fish it will give you health.

When you encounter the 3rd form of Las Plagas, if you stand still then they cannot harm you at all. Eventually they will die by themselves.

When Ashley is standing on a ledge and you are below her, look up at her and she will hold down her skirt and say something about you being a pervert and one or two other funny lines.

At various points throughout the game, you will come across different animals such as crows and fish. These animals can be shot and will reveal different items or amounts of money to obtain.

During the 1st part of the game, after the village you will come a farm with many cows. If you knife a cow enough times it will kick you to very very low health, but it will not kill you.

When fighting Saddler, knock him down and stand near his eyeball head so that the "Knife" action appears. Shoot him instead and then start tapping "A" to do the action attack as well.

At the beginning of the game, if you leave a hen alone in Pueblo they should lay at least one golden egg. Go to the weapon/health screen and select the egg. It should allow you to equip the egg. At the screen, Leon will throw the egg up and down, looking smug.

Leon can't leave Ashley when he transitions into a new area (signified by the blurring effect); however, he can leave Ashley safe in the corner of a dangerous area then call her over when its safe. You can instantly tell if Leon is about to leave an area if the open or context command is printed in green. If the command is printed in white, Leon will simply open the door to another section of the area. Use this to plan out where Leon can leave Ashley to brave the dangers ahead.

Complete the main game once.

At the start of the game you'll find a dog stuck in a bear trap. If you go over and free it from the trap it will help you later during the second boss fight.

Near the church in Chapter 1-3, instead of going up to the church, take the path towards the lake. This will trigger a conversation with Hunnigan, where Leon stumbles with words.

If you don't push any buttons at the title screen. Then after about a minute or so a never-before-seen trailer will play. If you do the same thing at the title screen after the 1st trailer has played then the trailer from The Tokyo Game Show of 2004 will play. It will play these 2 trailers for as many of times as you don't push any buttons at the title screen.

When you first get to the village and you are having trouble escaping the chainsaw maniacs and other enemies, you can hide in a safe spot. Go to the tall tower in the east side of the village (check your map) and climb up the long ladder. The villagers cannot climb that particular ladder. This also works when you need to place Ashley in a safe spot when exploring this particular area.

Crocodile: When killed, do not cut the rope.
Giant insects: Let them vomit on you.
Trap door floor: Salazaar will enjoy sending the spikes impaling Scott Kennedy.
Knife fight: At the end, let him press the knife through the cavity.
Two Los Gigantos: In the magma floor/pool, activate the switch and stand next to the pool.
Chief Mendez: In the barn fight, do not evade his grab in the intermission sequence

Note: Save before each encounter before trying to see the following death scenes.

Later in the game, the Merchant has a gun called "Killer7". This powerful magnum shares the name of an upcoming title by Capcom called "Killer 7".

Throw a flash grenade in the middle of a group of birds. All of them will die instantly, leaving lots of gold. This also works with the Granadas when their heads are transformed.

You can kill the merchant at any time in the game. Under the normal difficulty setting, he just dies then comes back at the next place, or when you leave the room and come back in. However, under the professional difficulty setting, once he dies, he remains dead. When you see the merchant and his eyes are glowing red, you can take the mine thrower and shoot a couple of darts. Most of the time he will turn into a blood stain on the floor.

In chapter 5-3, right before the room with the lasers, there's a red throne room. Approach the throne and hit 'A' to have Leon sit upon the throne in all his glory.

When you are at the lake before you face Del Lago (the thing in the water) stand on the dock right before the water and start firing into the water. The creature will not appreciate this.

After the end credits there is a short radio conversation between Leon and Hunnigan. Leon will notice Hunnigan is no longer wearing her glasses and will actually try to hit on her.

When Ashley is following you find something somewhat high off of the ground and climb on top. Then tell Ashley to stay put. Go below where you left Ashley standing. When you are underneath and you try to move the C-Stick up to look at Ashley, she will ask Leon what is he looking at and call him a pervert.

In Chapter 1-1, along the path towards the village you will run along a white dog trapped in a bear trap. If you help this dog he comes in handy later when you are fighting Los Gigante for the first time. About midway through the fight, you will hear the dog bark and he will come to your aid. Los Gigante becomes distracted, and begins to attack the dog rather than you.

In the area you fight him there is a yellow herb you can use with a green herb to increase your health. Grab it and use it to increase your health then let him kill you, which won't be that hard. After your game is over continue and you will have all of your green herbs again and the extra health. The yellow herb will be out there again so grab it and repeat the process increasing your health over and over again till its maxed out fairly early in the game.

Beat the game to unlock the mercenaries mini game.

When running around different areas of the village, you will see crows. Pick them off from a distance as to not scare the others away. They usually drop Pesetas. If you scare some away, just re-enter the area to reset their position.

When you find these items do not sell them right away. You can increase the value of the items with gems.

Tap A(2) when the "Open" action appears to kick open or down some doors instead of nudging them by hand. This will give you an advantage, as any enemies behind the door will be sent flying back.

There are many locks on doors. Instead of shooting the locks and wasting ammunition, pull out your knife and cut it off. The same can be done for boxes.

When first starting the game, shoot the pendant (above the smelly well) and tap A repeatedly. You will grab it before it lands in the water. This boosts the selling price to 10,000 Pesetas. Close to the start of the game there is a pendant with a value that will decrease by 9,000 Pesetas, if dropped in water. To keep it as the Pearl Pendant instead of the Brass Pocketwatch, shoot the block that is holding the well open, then shoot the pendant down to pick it up off the top of the well cover. It will sell for 10,000 Pesetas.

When you beat the game you will unlock a few things and one of them is called "The Mercanaries". In this mini game you'll start with Leon with the black tail and Riot Gun and ammo and 4 blacked out spaces. Choose Leon and go to the fortress-like level (in the bottom right hand corner of Level Select). Get up to 35000 point or a 4-star rank to unlock Hunk the 4th Survivor with a tricked out TMP anda couple grenades. Pick Hunk and go to the village. Again get 4 or more stars to unlock Ada with the Punisher, TMP, and Semi-auto Rifle. Take her and go to the Castle. Get 4 or more stars to unlock Krauser with a bow, some flah grenades and his really cool transforming arm. Take him and go to the island place (you'll face a guy thats next to unbeatable with a double headed chainsaw so use Krauser's arm with X and A but if you get hit before you can attack you'll transform back. Get 4 or more stars to get Wesker with a silenced and killer handgun, a semi-auto rifle, and the Killer 7 Magnum. Once all characters are unlocked try to get 5 stars on every level with all characters to unlock a surprise! - Sent by [Zero]

Search two areas of the game for the blue medallions & shoot them. There are 15 total in the game.

If you mix a Green, Red, and Yellow Herb, you can sell it for a lot of money, or use it to restore health and increase the maximum health. Use it when you are low on health so that you do not waste the health recovery from it.

While holding R, press B. You will reload the gun instead of waiting to empty the clip.

While holding R, tilt the C-Stick left or right, then quickly release and pull the R trigger again. You will turn almost instantly towards that direction.

The Red Catseye is in a birds nest in a tree next to house where Luis Sera is imprisoned (in the cupboard). Locate the nest and shoot it. The Red Catseye is now yours for the taking! - Sent by [HRBEK]

Whenever you upgrade your gun's capacity it fills the weapon with ammo. So don't reload before you buy the upgrade.

Similar to the FBI Warning on commercial movies, a S.T.A.R.S. and Racoon City Police Department warning is in the game. Check out the end of the credits.

Listen closely when you kill the villagers. Some of them will say "Lord Saddler" as they reach out just before they die. Note: This may only happen after completion of the game.

When you come to a painting of Saddler in the castle, check it. Behind every painting is 5000 ptas.

Sometimes when u slash a wooden box you will encounter a snake. If you let it live and follow it for awhile you will get a golden egg, if you leave it for a short amount of time, you will get brown, and when you kill it right off you will get a regular egg.

This trick involves the unlimited rocket launcher (costs one million Pesetas completing the game. When you fight Saddler and Ada throws you the rocket launcher (special), take it, but do not use it. When you can get a clear shot to his main eye, use the regular unlimited launcher. Saddler will be killed and the rocket launcher (special) will be yours to keep. When you start a new game, you can sell it to the merchant.

If you see a snake after smashing boxes, kill it. You will get a chicken egg for health. Note: If you do not kill the snake it will bite you and take health away.

Sometimes when you destroy the wooden crates a snake will jump out and bite you. If you keep slashing with your knife when the box breaks you can kill the snake and receive a healing egg.

After beating the game the first time, when starting a new game or playing a Round Two game, a new option appears that allows for Leon and Ashley to wear special costumes. Leon wears an R.P.D. uniform, Ashley wears pop sensation clothes, and Ada wears her black outfit from her mini-game.

Use the D-pad in conjunction with the Analog to swiftly aim up or down at 2x the rate. Great for knifing or quick point-blank grenades.

During the final boss fight Ada will throw the Special Rocket Launcher. Don't grab it instead just keep killing the boss the way you were before by shooting the eyes, using the machines, and throwing hand grenades to stun him and jump on him. Keep doing this and he will die. After the battle collect your spoils and Special Rocket Launcher. Beat the game and when you start round 2 you will have it in your inventory.

After fighting Del Lago (if you still have the Tactical Vest from your last game), you will see in Leon's dream, that his arteries can be seen through his elbow armour. - Sent by [HRBEK]

Use these controls during the title screen.C-stick moves the backround left and right.R zooms in backround.L zooms out backround.

Soon after the farmhouse, look around to collect some ammunition and buy more items. After that, go to an opening where you see a lever. Go up to it and switch it to the right to fight El Gigante (recommended) or switch it to the left to face more
chainsaw wielding villagers (extremely difficult). If you select to fight El Gigante, aim at the rock at the top ledge until he is underneath it and fire. Use the same tactic on the one you dealt with earlier.

Finish minigame assignment Ada.

Get a five-star rank on all mercenaries.

Beat the game.

Beat the game.

Fully upgrade the Handcannon's firepower, reload, and capacity. The 'exclusive' option then raises the attack power to 99.9 and gives infinite ammo.

Shoot all 15 blue medallions before talking to a merchant.

When around the village stage, some trees will have bird nests. Shoot them down to get valuable jewels to sell to the merchant.

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