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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 on GameCube

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This trick is tough to pull off and will require some practice before using it in a race. Get to at least 80 mph. Press the Analog-stick backwards at an angle in the direction that you want to turn, so it is inverting your slide. As soon as you begin to turn, slam and hold the brakes. Force the Analog-stick sequentially around in an extreme circle. Release your brakes when you are about 75% through your turn. Slam your accelerator, and power yourself through the rest of the turn. At the end, it is recommended that you bank the car for a moment, because you do not want the it to fly out of control.

Complete Championship Event 22.

Successfully complete Hot Pursuit Event 13.

There will be two objectives you will have to do to unlock two kinds of cars. These two involve clean racing. For a clean race, avoid hitting any object that inflicts damage on your car, such as hitting another car, a wall, etc. Hitting road signs, going offroad, or landing very hard on big jumps are excluded since those do not do any damage.

Get 2 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Dodge Viper GTS.

Do not turn on your sirens right away. Sneak up on them. When you are on them, turn on your sirens, spin them out, turn around, and hit them head on. This will result in a one hit bust every time.

If you see a police car ahead, ram it to get him to chase you. Lose the police car and you will get extra points for a hit-and-run. Look for the dirt road shortcuts to lose the police and get ahead of other drivers. Also, choose to be the police in Hot Pursuit mode. You will get 25,000 points each time you complete one mini-mission.

You must complete all events in Ultimate Racer and World Championship modes. Complete Bonus Event 31 for both to unlock Super Bonus Event 32. Either Event 32 in Ultimate Racer or World Championship modes will unlock the same car. Complete Event 32 successfully and the Ferrari 360 Challenge is yours.

Lead a single race, full grid, advanced, for eight laps to unlock the NFS edition of the Ferrari F50.

Successfully complete Hot Pursuit Event 5.

A way to get more money is to take third place in a race. Then do the race again and take second. Then after that take first. Each time you do it you get money from 3rd place, and 2nd place instead of just first. So you get more money doing it this way then just takin first. | Submitted by Gold374

A simple way to go faster is to go straighter, but there are a lot of turns. Now a way to turn easyer is to hold down the "R" button when you turn. That will make you turn better and go faster. | Submitted by Gold374

Complete Championship Event 8.

Get 3 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Get 2.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Diablo.

Win the World Championship to unlock the NFS edition of the McLaren F1 LM.

Complete Championship Event 14.

Complete Ultimate Racer Event 6.

Complete Championship Event 1.

If you drive backwards on any track you will not see any police.

Complete Ultimate Racer Event 25.

Complete Championship Event 11.

Complete Ultimate Racer Event 29.

Complete Ultimate Racer Event 28.

When you are driving, be aware of the shadowed bar below the rearview mirror. It will start to climb with green and then red as you close in on a cop. If a cop is already chasing you and has issued a roadblock, watch the bar. If the strip started with yellow, it indicates that a road block is approaching.

Complete Championship Event 9.

Complete Championship Event 27.

Complete Championship Event 6.

In outback level at the first tunnel take a hard right and the is a wall that says 'Keep Out', go through it and you will be in a railroad tunnel, a nice shortcut.

Short cuts are an important way to win, but sometimes they slow you down. You need to make sure that when you take a short cut that there isn't any dirt, because that slows you way down. Also make sure that there isn't more turns then the long way. | Submitted by Gold374

Complete Championship Event 28.

Complete Championship Event 29.

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