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NBA Live 06

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NBA Live 06 - GameCube

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Enter "PSDF90PPJN" as a code to unlock the 2005-2006 Pacer away uniform.

Enter "SDF786WSHW" as a code to unlock the 2005-2006 Pacer home uniform.

Enter "DRI239CZ49" as a code to unlock the Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoes.

Enter HOYAS3AI6L as a code.

Enter "AI9BUBBA7T" as a code to unlock the Answer IX Retro shoes and a hidden video message from Allen Iverson.

Get a "Silver" or greater rank in all Tier 1 competitions in Superstar Challenge mode to unlock the Atlantic Division vintage jerseys.

To cross someone, move the C-stick in any direction. To do advance crossovers, hold L while moving the C-stick. These are the crossover moves:

Behind The Back: Hold L and move the C-stick Left or Right.

Fake Left: Move the C-stick Left then Analog-Stick Right. This also works the same way for the opposite directions.

Spinning Move: Hold R and move the C-stick Forward.

Under The Legs: Hold L and move the C-stick in an "X" pattern. This can be done repeatedly.

Alley Oop to yourself: Hold L + Y on a fast break
Bounce ball up and dunk: Hold L + Y.
Cockback: Hold L + B
Lay Up: Hold L + X
Leaning Tomahawk: Hold L and tap A
One Handed: Hold L and tap B
One Handed Windmill: Hold L + A
Two Handed Tomahawk: Hold L and tap X
Two Handed Windmill: Hold L + Y
Various dunks: Hold L and tap Y

Enter XCVB5387EQ as a code.

Enter 234SDFGHMO as a code.

Go to Gamemodes and go to NBA All-Star Weekend and pick NBA All-Star game. Then don't play let computers play and set the difficulty to Superstar and time 12 minutes. Just wait until the games done and you should get at least 300 points. - Sent by [Carey]

To get easy points, get an outside scorer and press L + B. He will put the ball behind his back and lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by an inside stopper and will always work.

If you have a inside scorer, press L+ A from the three point line while he is moving. Most of the time it will go in.

If you are a Pistons fan, change Chauncey Billups to Scorer Outside. Go to the hole and hold L + A. He will score most of the time.

The following are the minimum set of stats required to be able to become a freestyle superstar. All stats listed must be at least 80 unless otherwise specified.

Field Goals
Dunking: 85
Inside Scoring
Jumping: 85

Field Goals
Free Throws: 90
Quickness: 92
Speed: 92
Dribbling: 85
Off Awareness: 81!
Stamina: 85

Power Player
Def. Awareness
Def. Rebounds

Scorer Inside
Field Goals
Inside Scoring: 85
Off. Rebounds
Strength 83
Off. Awareness: 85
Stamina: 85

Scorer Outside
Field Goals: 85
Quickness: 85
Off. Awareness: 87
Stamina: 85

Field Goals
3 pointers: 85
Free Throws: 90
Off. Awareness
Stamina: 85

Stopper Inside
Off. Rebounding: 90
Jumping: 90
Strength: 88
Def. Rebounding
Def. Awareness
Stamina: 85

Stopper Outside
Quickness: 85
Speed: 88
Def. Awareness
Stamina: 85

Enter PSDF90PPJN as a code.

Enter SDF786WSHW as a code.

Enter 5223WERPII as a code.

Enter ZXDR7362Q1 as a code.

Enter 144FVNHM35 as a code.

Enter 67YFH9839F as a code.

Enter 743HFDRAU8 as a code.

Get a "Silver" or greater rank in all Tier 2 competitions in Superstar Challenge mode to unlock the Northwest Division vintage jerseys.

Around Body pass: Press L + tap B.
Behind The Back pass: Press L + B.
Fake Behind The Back pass: Press L + X.
Fake Shot pass: While in the air, quickly press L + B, X, Y, or A.
No Look pass: Press L + Y.
Special Bounce pass: Press L + A.

Enter "JZ3SCARTVY" as a code to unlock the S. Carter 3 shoes.

While in the Slam Dunk Contest, tap B, then hold X to do MJ's 1988 Slam Dunk. If it is done from the free throw line, it is worth an automatic 50.

Hold L + R then press B(2), Y to do the Vince Carter arm in the rim. If you hold it for a few seconds, he will put his arm pit in the rim for a 50 if you are lucky.

To do a 720 dunk for an automatic 50, while holding the R dunk modifier, run toward the basket and press the one foot 180 gather (Y). As soon as the gather motion starts, quickly rotate the Analog-stick counter-clockwise twice then press the Windmill Dunk (Y) again. Release Y just before completing the first rotation and you will automatically complete the second rotation. You will always get a 50 for completing this dunk. Note: The R modifier must be held for the entire dunk. Also, you must complete the 720 motion before pressing Y the second time to dunk.

To do a under the legs reverse dunk, starting from the corner of either baseline, run toward the basket and press the two foot 180 gather (A) just as you reach the word "HOUSTON*06" along the baseline. As soon as you start the gather motion, hold Pump Slam (X) button, releasing X as soon as the ball passes under the legs and make contact with the player's other hand. The timing is difficult and you will probably get hung on the rim until you get the timing correct. However, this dunk is also a 50 if you land it. Note: When you perform this dunk, make sure you are running in the red out of bounds area behind the goal and not on the court or the judges may only give you a 49.

Start from the baseline. Hold L then use X to gather and X to do the trick. Correct timing is required. If done correctly, your player will do the under the two legs dunk.

Do Between the Legs twice. Press X to start your gather, then hold L + R + X to do the dunk. When the when both hands are on the ball, release. Most of the time it will be a 50, depending on the take-off point and how long you hold it after both hands touch.

To do a cartwheel in the dunk contest, hold L + R + X.

Use the following trick to do a cartwheel between the legs twice dunk. Take off from behind the three point line, then hold L and tap X. Then, hold X until the ball is in your other hand.

Use the following trick to do the MJ Rock the Cradle dunk. While holding the R dunk modifier, run towards the basket and press B for your gather then B for your trick.

Stand behind the three-point line. Press Analog-stick Down to throw the ball off the backboard. Once you throw it, hold L+ R then press B(2), then hold Y for about two seconds. That should make the player grab the ball and be above the rim. Release Y and your player should hang on the rim and get an automatic 50.

To get an automatic 50 in the dunk contest do the following. Go to center court and move all the way to the left. Run up to the left of the free throw line, then press Y. When he is doing the gather move, rotate the Left Analog-stick counter-clockwise quickly in a single complete rotation. Then, hold B and release it near the net for a perfect 50 Dunk. When completed it should have been a 360 degree spin. When he has completed the 180, he will put the ball through his legs. He will then spin around for the rest of the 360 and dunk it one handed.

This is a baseline dunk. Move along the baseline and press A around the little white line before the bottom of the key, then press X. You will dunk the ball under both legs at the same time. It is an automatic 50. Note: This may require a few attempts.

An easy way to get a 50 in the dunk contest is to press Y, rotate the Analog-stick, and hold A to do a 360 under the legs.

To do an automatic 50 Cartwheel Dunk, hold L + R from the three-point line. Then, tap X and hold X until the ball is under his legs.

When in a slam dunk contest, start at the three point line. Press C-stick Up for a ball toss then quickly press A, then A again to do a under the leg dunk that should give you a 48 to 50.

When running beyond the three point line, tap A, then hold A. You will usually do an under the legs dunk for a 50. Note: Do not use dunk twice.

Start at the baseline, just inside the three point line. While moving toward the basket, press X to initiate the dunk. Then, press X to get into the air. You will be in slow motion. Press A as soon as the ball is in the other hand and you will receive either a 49 or 50 score.

To get a fast and easy 50, hold R, press B then hold X to get a perfect dunk.

Enter RBKAIUSAB7 as a code.

Enter "HGS83KP234P" as a code to unlock the T-Mac 5 white shoes.

Enter "258SHQW95B" as a code to unlock the T-Mac black shoes.

Go to "Sign/Release Player", and select Miami on the left and the Legend Pool on the right. Sign Shaq from the Legend Pool to Miami. Miami now has two Shaqs.

Enter 193KSHU88J as a code.

Enter 9922NVDKVT as a code.

Enter XWETJK72FC as a code.

Enter JANTWIKBS6 as a code.

Enter 654NNBFDWA as a code.

Enter 39N56B679J as a code.

Enter 2J9UWABNP1 as a code.

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