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Medal of Honor: Frontline

A Chance meeting: Kill Nazis with a falling object for Medal of Honor: Frontline - GameCube

When you enter the main U-boat facility and start to fight your way towards the docks, you will encounter several train cars. One of these cars has a mounted MG-44. Hit the switch on the other side of the car and it will roll until the gun is pointing through a doorway leading into an open area between the dockyard buildings. Use the gun to clear out the enemy. When done, proceed forward until you find more Nazis. One of them will shoot at you with another machine gun mounted on a sandbagged position. Behind that are a truck full of torpedoes and a crane that is holding several crates aloft. Use your Springfield sniper rifle and shoot the rope. The crates will fall on the truck, causing it to explode and kill the sniper on the crane and any nearby Nazis. | Submitted by Unrealdimensions

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