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Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on GameCube

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Will all cups with a "Gold" rank under all difficulty settings.

Win the Special Cup in the 150cc class to unlock the All Cup Tour, which is a combination of all of the four default cups.

Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode.

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 100cc class.

Win the Flower Cup in the 150cc class.

Where a Bowser statue is breathing fireballs at you keep going straight to an opening. Start a drift right before you make the jump, and if you do it right you should gain a lot of ground.

Win the Special Cup in the 50cc class.

Here are the special items for each character.

Birdo/Yoshi: Egg. acts like red shell by homing in on closest kart. When hits person egg brakes open releasing stars, shells, or musrooms.

Diddy kong/Donkey Kong: Big Bannana. When someone hits this big bannana breaks into three little ones.

Mario/Luigi: Fireballs. Sends 5 fireballs forward or back(wherever you throw.) and makes the person on the back of the kart it hits start on fire.

Wario/Waluigi: Bomb ombs. Gets a bomb omb and blows up after a certain time or when someone go to close to it.

Bowser/Bowser Jr: Spiky shell. Sends a giant spiked Bowser shell ahead or in back of you.

Peach/Daisy: heart sheild. Puts a heart shield around the kart. When you run into an item or get hit by an item you take it.(like you run into a bannana then it will then go in your hands so you can throw it at other people.)

Toad/toadette: Gold musroom. Just like Mario Kart 64 the golden musroom acts like a musroom except you can use a lot more time like 10 or something.

Baby Mario/Baby Luigi: Chain chomp. Sends a chain chomp forward and any one gets hit gets hurt. but if you get hit while holding him he runs away. Or if you hold him for the maximum time he still runs away.

Koopa/paratroopa: Three shells. Gets either three green shells or three red shells to throw at opponents. | Submitted by GCMAN

After going through the dining room and past the kitchen, go fall down in the pit and navigate through the tube.

Win the Flower Cup in the 50cc class.

Win the Star Cup in the 150cc class.

When you come to the first wooden bridge take a right just a bit and you'll find a new ramp. When you enter the cave, go right and use a mushroom to get across the bridge.

Once you get past the dino's legs and the tunnel take a right and follow the path. | Submitted by Mitch

In the cave before you have to cross the brige with the dinosaur head moving back and forth the minuite you enter the cavern turn right. You will see a broken bridge. You' need a speed boost to cross it but it saves a lot of time. | Submitted by Turner

After the straightway with the boulders, where the pit is, brake immediately and turn to your right. Give yourself a little acceleration room and jump the gap, saving 3-4 seconds.

There are two options to mushroom over the sand. The best area is right after the 3 cacti, straight towards the quicksand pit. The second is near the end: mushroom under the sign.

This is a really lame cheat but it works. First, select the battle stage as 'Nintendo GameCube.' Then, gather the maximum amount of bombs you can carry (20) and ride right into a corner. When your opponent moves in behind you to toss a bomb on you, quickly turn so that you are still facing backwards but so that you are perfectly aligned with your opponent. Then, fire all of your bombs, QUICK! Be careful not to wait too long or else your opponent will fire at you and gain a star. If your timing is right, the bombs will bounce off the wall, over you and right into your opponent. As soon as you hit your opponent for the first time, take your time shooting the rest of the bombs, because if you go into a frenzy your bombs will just explode on the ground while your opponent is flying in the air. | Submitted by NathanJ

Hold down the "R" button while turning. Release it when the sparks turn blue. | Submitted by KennyFougere

To unlock the staff ghosts, you must beat these times (special cup is unknown):

Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit - 1'29"000
Peach Beach - 1'23"000
Baby Park - 1'14"000
Dry Dry Desert - 1'53"000

Flower Cup
Mushroom Bridge - 1'34"000
Mario Circuit - 1'44"000
Daisy Cruiser - 1'55"000
Waluigi Stadium - 2'02"000

Star Cup
Sherbet Land - 1'26"000
Mushroom City - 1'53"000
Yoshi Circuit - 2'02"000
DK Mountain - 2'15"000 | Submitted by ronald

When your on the course Daisy cruiser and at the part where the tables move and get hit by lighting you can go through the tables while your shirunk. | Submitted by Brady

Hold down A at the start of a race. Your cart will not go for a few seconds. Go for double item boxes and use your items. You will probably get in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. | Submitted by Jackson

Ok first you need to have mirror mode by beating everything on 150cc then you beat the first 2 cups.Then you face star cup on mirror mode and if you win you get king boo and petey pirahana and their first car pirahana pipes and if you win special cup (mirror mode) you can get the other car for king boo, which is the boo pipes.Good Luck! | Submitted by Moneybags

Win the Special Cup in mirror mode.

Win the Star Cup in the 50cc class.

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 50cc class.

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 150cc class.

Win the All Cup Tour in the 150cc class.

After the first tunnel, go right onto a dirt path (best used with a mushroom). Right before you cross the bridge, go onto one of the arches where you'll start hitting speed areas. Be careful to stay on because you lose a lot of speed if you fall off.

Stay on the right side of the main road and you will see a purple path, take it.

This shortcut is for MUSHROOM CITY. Star Cup. It should work in any class! 50-150cc. A slow kart might be helpful, but fast can work too. Just be able to notice a pink passageway.

Okay, when you're starting out, and you have the option of going straight or turning, go straight until you see the pink passage. Follow that passage. You should end up where you normally would, but you saved a few seconds. | Submitted by Wario

In order to pull this short cut off you must have a light weight kart with atleast one mushroom in your arsenal. When you are coming around the corner just before you leave Yoshi's nose you will see a gap in the fence. This gap allows you to drive of the road, over a cliff. If you activiate your mushroom just after you leave the cliff you will be propelled across the air into a tunnel, which can cut almost a whole second or more off your time. | Submitted by BearSmith

Best used on the third lap. When you come to the beach, instead of turning right, turn left and jump to the other side.

Win the Star Cup in mirror mode.

To get a boost, repeatedly tap A at the start of the countdown.

You know in each lap there are rainbow strips to go on in each end of the circuit.well, don't instead do a blue power slide on the curve near the wall away from the strips. Trust me it is faster! | Submitted by Mike

Win the Star Cup in the 100cc class.

Win the Flower Cup in mirror mode.

Win the Mushroom Cup in mirror mode.

Win the Special Cup in the 100cc class.

Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode.

Waluigi Racer - Win the Flower Cup at 100cc to unlock Waluigi's kart.
Turbo Birdo - Win the Flower cup at 150 cc to unlock Birdo's kart.
Bloom Coach - Win the Flower cup at 50 cc to unlock Daisy's kart.
Green Fire - Win the mushroom cup at 50 cc to unlock Luigi's kart.
Battle Buggy - Win the Mushroom cup at 100 cc to unlock Baby Luigi's kart.
Bullet Blaster - Win the special cup at 50 cc.
Para Wing - Win the Star cup at 50cc.
All Cup Tour - Win all cups at 150cc.
Special Cup - Win the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups at 100cc.
Toad and Toadette Duo - Win the special cup at 100 cc to unlock these two characters.
Grand Slam Cup - Win the Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups at 150cc.
Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage - Win the Mushroom cup at 150 cc to unlock this extra stage for multiplayer battle.

Win a Grand Prix in first place to unlock a new Kart. There is a bonus Kart in each cc class and Grand Prix that you can win (nine total).

When you reach the second turn, before the boosted jump into the fire wheel, take a right, and drive on the dirt path right next to it. Powerslide/Mini-Turbo around the corner afterwards.

Win the Flower Cup in the 100cc class.

When you come to the part where you have to go around the pit, go in the middle and jump to land on speed areas.

After one of the first turns you will see a small tunnel. Use a mushroom to fly across. After the second tunnel there is an opening on the guard rail. Use a Mushroom to fly across and land in a tunnel, and you'll pop out at a U-turn.

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