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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Eragon on GameCube

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There are two stages to fighting the evil Shade. During the first stage he will teleport around, slashing at you with his claws and shooting streams of flame. He will charge up his fire attack. When he does, run up to him and press A or X to grab him in a "full nelson" move. Keep tapping A, B, X, and Y and Brom will come over and hit him with his sword, Zar'roc. When the Shade breaks free, hit him with your sword when he gets close. Get him to half health and the second stage of the battle will begin. In the second stage he will continue to teleport around, but will also change from the fire stream attack to another. He will float in the air with a large red bubble shield around him. Many Scimitars will fly off the walls and will shoot through the air towards you. After they stop, run up and attack him.

When the final battle starts with Durza, hold L + R and shoot Fire Arrows at him on his demonic steed. When he fires purple missiles at you, release R and keep L held. Press A rapidly, and Eragon will deflect the missiles back at Durza. However, when the Shade fires Fire Balls, you cannot deflect them; just dodge them. Continue this until he is dead. There is a secret egg in this level, but it is hard to find. Look for the telltale blue dot on the screen.

Pause the game, then hold L + R and press B(4), X(2). Your health will be fully restored. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Pause the game, then hold L + R and press B(2), X(2). Your magic will cool down faster.

Collect the indicated number of hidden Eggs found throughout the game to unlock the corresponding bonus.

1 Egg: Ad for the Eragon and Eldest books.
2 Eggs: Edward John Speleers commentary.
3 Eggs: Design commentary.
4 Eggs: Art direction commentary.
5 Eggs: Birth Of A Game commentary.
6 Eggs: Concept art.
7 Eggs: Orchestra commentary.
8 Eggs: Saphira commentary.
9 Eggs: Sienna Guillory commentary.
10 Eggs: Character concept art.
11 Eggs: Concept art.
12 Eggs: Concept art.
13 Eggs: Robert Carlyle commentary.
14 Eggs: Sound Effects commentary.
15 Eggs: Garrett Hedlund commentary.
16 Eggs: Evolution Of Games commentary.
17 Eggs: Concept art.
18 Eggs: Throne Room bonus level.


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