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Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Ball Z: Sagas on GameCube

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When fighting a boss have a special move, teleport, and a good combo selected. Run up to the Boss enough to teleport behind them, then do a combo. When he or she gets thrown away, lock on quickly and hurl a special move to cause maximum damage.

Once in SS1, do only simple combos with a lot of buttons involved. The more buttons the better. Try using the first two combos that you learn. You must have Combo Breaker. Try not to use Ki moves unless you have to; the longer you must charge, the more open you are to attacks.

When fighting Vegeta, stay in the air the entire time. Dodge his Galic Guns. When he uses his other attack, it will only affect you if you are on the ground. While that attack occurs, Vegeta will be vulnerable. Lock on to him with L and hold X to hit him with a Kamehameha Wave. Keep doing this until he is defeated. You should not lose any health by doing this.

When fighting a henchmen or Boss, get him within the view of the screen. You can do this when you are on the ground or in the air. Hold X. When game play slows down and your character starts charging up a blast, press L and put your aiming reticule on your enemy. Press Teleportation . You will teleport directly behind the enemy while you are still charging up. Once you have appeared behind the enemy, immediately release X to blast your enemy at point blank range. If you want to be reckless, charge another one after he falls to the ground from the last attack. Teleport behind him and blast him again. You can do this repeatedly. It is easier to do this when the enemy is distracted by charging up his own blast or doing any other attack that he may be trying to perform. Just hit him with this before he can make it successful.

Set the game on two-player mode. Have the second player be Goku or Vegeta. You will win against him because he cannot attack.

Follow the instructions to be able to fly backwards:

Jump into the air and press A to hover. Then, hold Analog-stick Forward to fly until you nearly reach your maximum speed. Then, immediately hold Analog-stick Away and you will fly backwards. Rotate the Analog-stick for more backwards-zooming fun. | Submitted by FlameFist95

In the fight with Freiza, if you hit him at the bottom of the screen he will be stuck. He will throw a blast at you, but you cannot hurt him. Throw a Kamehame Wave and he will be back on the island so that you can resume fighting him.

Fly while shooting Mesenkos at Nappa. Nappa will eventually start shooting blasts of energy that paralyze you. Quickly dodge them and fire at him.

When fighting Freiza as Goku, you can only hurt him when you are a Super Saiyan. When he charges up his Death Ball, use the Quick Teleport (if purchased) to get to him and deliver the blows to hurt him or charge up your Super Saiyan meter. Try using only punches and kicks, as he will dodge the Kamehame Wave. It will only hit and hurt him if you are Super Saiyan and if done while he is charging up his Death Ball.

Enter the following code at the options screen to unlock Invincibility: Down, A, Up, Y, Start(2), Right, Left, X, B. | Submitted by FlameFist95

Beat the game once, and you will unlock the Pendulum mode. In this mode, you can replay any chapter you like, with any character you like: including the following hidden ones: Broly, Bardock, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.

To play as Broly or Bardock you must first beat the "Play Sagas". After you do that pendulum will be unlocked. Chose which stage you want to play and then you can pick any character you used in "Play Sagas" or play one of 5 new unlocked charaters including Broly or Bardock. | Submitted by dbzwarrior

Keep hitting him until the Ki bar for Super Saiyan is full. Then turn Super Saiyan and keep hitting him until you have filled the Ki bar for Super Saiyan 2. Finally, when you turn Super Saiyan 2 attack Cell with Masenko, but first lock on to him with L. If he teleports behind you, use a combo. Do not waste your Ki on Cell.

Ok well for this cheat code you need to beat the game first.Then you go to premium select teen Gohon. Then be super saion then bo up to the super saion 2 area. BUT DO NOT BE SUPER SAION 2!!!!!!!!! Just keep going on the level and notice your super saion meter does not go down! | Submitted by KOOL

Beat the entire game once. go to the main menu, go to Pendulum mode. select the ammount of players and the level. It should come up with a charechter select, look through it and you should find Broly select him and he is always in Legendary Super Saiyan which is stronger than regular Super Saiyan. hope this helps you. | Submitted by Killster555

Enter the following code at the option screen to unlock all of the possible bonuses: Up, Down, Up, Down, A, Start, X, Start, Y, A, Y, A, X(2), B. | Submitted by FlameFist95

To do a Warp Kamehameha or any Warp Ki attack, when charging it lock on to your opponent and teleport.


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