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Mobile Golf

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mobile Golf on Gameboy Col

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Defeat Bean in a match game.

Defeat Bird in a match game (must defeat Powert to unlock opportunity)

Defeat Powert in a match game (must defeat Rozary to unlock opportunity)

Defeat Rozary in a match game (must defeat Bean to unlock opportunity)

While playing tournament or match play, if you find that you're performing less-than-ideal during a hole, you can restart a hole by simply saving and quitting. In the Japanese-only menus in this game, that means selecting the bottom option on the pause menu, followed by the top option to confirm. When you resume (click the top option when prompted), you will be at the tee box again and you will be able to play the hole again from scratch.

Much like Mario Golf on Game Boy Color, pressing in any direction on the d-pad while on the title screen will cause the logo to wiggle in a circle.


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