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Men In Black: The Series

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Men In Black: The Series on Gameboy Col

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Enter the password 0601. An error message will appear. Press START and this will take you back to the command center screen. | Submitted by Bern

Put in the fly code. Then hold SELECT + A. There should be a lightning symbol next to lives. Stand back and press the shoot button to fire off a massive blast!  | Submitted by Bern

0309 - Aerodrome
1943 - Ending
3107 - Forest
2710 - Manhattan
2705 - Rooftops
1807 - Sewers
2409 - Stage Skip (When in game, pause, then press Select) | Submitted by Bern

Enter the password 2409 then start a new game. To skip to the next stage pause the game and press SELECT. To warp within a stage, pause the game and press A to advance to the next checkpoint.  | Submitted by Bern

While standing still press and hold SELECT + UP to fly. While in the air press LEFT or RIGHT to move and press DOWN or SELECT to land.  | Submitted by Bern


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