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Harvest Moon 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Harvest Moon 3 - Gameboy Col

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Here is a cheat to have a lot of money. Have 1 item (berry,mushroom,ect) and 3 of another item (eggs,potatoes) have them in the storage. Then at 8 am call the farmers union and pick shipment.go to the item that has three and press a then down,B. Then go to the item that has down it should have 2, ship that. then call them again the item you shipped two of should have about 50 something. Press down to zero after pressing a on down again to have 99,press B.then go to the one with 3 and press down B. It should have 98. Keep doing these steps to get alot of money. - Sent by [Legato]

If you let your animals out for a while (dont know how long)

Dogs- Protects your livestock outside. There is a big dog, a medium (basic dog from other HM games, and a small dog. I think the purpose of the size is by level of experience.

Cats- Brings you various seeds(depending on which cat you chose). Black, brown, or white cat.

Bird- Brings you seeds(Mostly flowers and herbs, and no it won't fly away).

Pig- Brings you money(Various amounts I think) - Sent by [Legato]

To get a baby, do the following...

1. Be a Male-reason-if you are a Female and you're pregnant you can't work hard as you used to while having a kid inside.
2. Get Married
3. Buy Crib for baby. Cost (30000) gold
4. Go sleep with your wife.
5. Give food to your wife.
6. (Recommended from me) Never neglect your wife.

A few weeks or months will make your wife pregnant. Two kids maximum, by my standards so far. - Sent by [Legato]

What he likes best. (When you are the girl)

Any harvested items

What he likes least.

1. Fishes
2. Mushrooms
3. Wild Berries
4. Cherries
5. Rocks
6. Wood/Lumber
7. Weeds
8. Animal sickness and deaths
9. Natural Disasters - Sent by [Legato]

Go to the shipping screen.
Choose an item (Press ''A'') that you have A LOT of.
Move to the maximum # that you have for that item.
Press ''B'' to cancel away.
Choose an item (Press ''A'') you want a lot of, whether it be expensive of something you need for a job.
Press Down once. This number should be many more than what you actually have, usually appears as one less than the total of the item you wanted to sell.
Press ''A'' and sell that amount.
Go back into the screen, and notice you have many more than you did. Repeat if desired.

NOTE: This trick is many times more effective if there is a larger amount between items (55 and 1)

1.Anytime-Get married to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

2.Earthquake-around mid spring, second year.

3.Hurricanes in Summer: Any year 11th & 21st days

4.Heavy Snow: Any year 1st - 5th days & 20th - 25th days.

5.Mondays and Thursdays- (Sunny Days) Access to the other island.

6.Fireworks(Independence Day) Holiday 20th of Summer. Go to the Sea site after 6 pm. You will meet Karen.

7.Red Secret of the Spring 24th of Fall. Go to the forest maze and enter the spring at 3pm.

8.Date with wife/boyfriend-Anytime when they ask. Go to the Sea Site, or somewhere else.

9.Solar Eclipse- First Monday of Summer (1st year) 3p.m.

10.Fertilizer maker- Anytime, when you make more than 50000 gold, Either gender of Farmer (BOY or GIRL) will ask you to buy a fertilizer maker. Cost-49000 gold.

11.Lightning- Spring, 1st year, Sunday the 28th at 10pm. Female partner will be scared, only if you are a boy.

12.River King- Spring 1st, 2nd year. Go talk to the Aquarium Manager,about the river king... I think. He says catching it at 6pm- 12am at the spring in the forest maze. The next day, there will be an egg. - Sent by [Legato]

What she likes best. (When you are the boy)

Any harvested item

2. What she likes least.

1. Fishes
2. Mushrooms
3. Wild Berries
4. Cherries
5. Rocks
6. Wood/Lumber
7. Weeds
8. Animal sickness and deaths - Sent by [Legato]

Once you are married as a girl, The story will end, with you and your husband under a tree with a newborn, you will not be able to take care of the farm anymore, and the story ends. - Sent by [HatakeSage]

To get the icebox you must be in the second year and the volcano eruption must of occured. Go up to the mountain and enter the cave you should see a ice-cube looking thing. Yhen take the ice-cube to the guy in the shopping mall thats behind the counter where you buy the T.V and the crib, give it to him. After a while you will have your storage a frigerator.(if you have a fertilizer maker you will not be able to get fertilizer anymore) - Sent by [Legato]

Heres how to get all the power berries

1. Tilling the soil
2. Tilling the soil
3. Tilling the soil
4. Tilling the soil
5. Tilling the soil
6. Tilling the soil
7. Talk to dwarf
8. Snowboarding Score
9. Being friends with the Mermaid
10. Give all types of Fish to the Aquarium - Sent by [Legato]

Okay..first of all, you have to do enough part time work to get to this one. After doing a series of work, talk to the lady at the farmers union in the part time work corner. Keep rejecting the jobs she offers you, untill she tells you about catching the River King in 120 days. Select yes, then run back to your farm and call the farmers union. Tell them that you have completed the job! (note: you don't have to actually go out and catch him!) After that, the people will say stuff like you've really comepleted the job and send you the money right away! At 6:00 pm, you will be 72000 richer! That includes bonuses for completing it 120 days early of course. This really works!

horse-4-5 grass seed patches
chickens-3-4 grass patches
cows-5-6 grass patches
sheep- 4-5 grass patches - Sent by [Legato]

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