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Picross 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Picross 2 - Gameboy

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To access the 10th puzzle in every stage, don't fail, restart, give up, use hints or disable the time limit on any previous puzzle.

If you're playing Picross 2 with the Super Gameboy, you can change the color of the border if you hold a button or the control pad in a specific direction before pushing Start. Hold Left and press Start to get a Green Border, Hold Right and press Start to get a Red Border, Hold Up and press Start to get a Black Border, Hold Down and press Start to get a Yellow Border, Hold B and press Start to get a Grey Border, Hold Select and press Start to get a White Border.

It is possible for two players to complete a puzzle using two SNES controllers via Super Game Boy. Press "A" button the second SNES controller and both players can work with or against each other to solve puzzles.

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