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Mega Man 5

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mega Man 5 on Gameboy

Collect all the jewels on the planets. Dr. Light will modify your weapons to use less energy.

Intentionally lose all lives three times on the same level. Dr. Light will appear and upgrade the Mega Arm.

Enter the following password to possess all items and power-ups.


Boss Use Receive In Level
Mercury B.Hole G.Buster
Neptune D.Digger S.Water
Mars S.Water P.Missile
Venus P.Missile B.Bomb
DarkMoon Mega Arm Arms
Pluto G.Buster B.Dash Jewel
Uranus B.Dash D.Digger Jewel
Jupiter B.Bomb E.Shock Jewel
Boss Use Receive
Saturn E.Shock B.Hole Jewel
Terra Mega Arm S.Chaser
Gun MegaBuster RRT__ Password
4 Boss Mega Arm ET__T for all
Mega Arm _E_RT weapons
Ship S. Chaser TTRRE and items
SunStar Mega Arm TRTRR


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