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Gameboy Camera

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gameboy Camera on Gameboy

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At the title screen, you will see Mario dancing. Press Up on the D-Pad to make him dance faster, and Down to make him go slower.

On the View menu, hold Up on the D-Pad to speed up the animation of the face-in-face sequence; hold Down to slow it down.

Instead of just tapping A when you want to add your custom sound effect when mixing beats in DJ mode, hold A and your character will continue to scratch the record (without sound) until you let go.

hold "select"and "start"then turn on your gameboy after the intro it will say"erase all saved data?A yes B no".thats that.okay,go to play shoot the dj ufo then play a saved or sample song then at the screen when is shows the dj playing his/her music put your little arrows beside the tempo select and hold down"left"for backwards go put the little arrowsbeside the SE and hold right and up at the same time for higher pitch and hold right and down for lower pitch.last of all go to where you MAKE the music on the "sound 1"screen hold start and then press "A" to print the music! | Submitted by Cal

Hold the A button while a stamp is selected to flip the stamp the other way.

After penning music using D.J. mode, composers can print a transcription via the Game Boy Printer. Access the Sound 1 screen, then print by pressing and holding Start and A.

When you win in the 'Run! Run! Run!' minigame, tap A as fast as you can to raise the flag next to the podium.

At the slide show menu (where it has those 2 faces spinning around and around) press the Select button. You'll see the letters 'BGM' at the top, and the word 'shuffle' on the bottom. Press Up to choose BGM which allows you to make the music while viewing the slide show classic or P.Voice, or press Down to shuffle the pictures while viewing the slide show so they're not in order. To get out of this, just press Select again.

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