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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Ravenwood Fair running on Facebook

Ravenwood Fair

Cheats & Hints for Ravenwood Fair - Facebook

When building attractions, put them as close to each other as possible. This will mean visitors can access everything more quickly, earning you more money in the process.

Earning plenty of coins is the primary goal of playing Ravenwood Fair.

The best way to do this, is to build lots of games for your visitors to enjoy. This attracts more visitors, who will then spend more money - obviously the initial construction of the attractions costs money, so it is a balancing act to an extent.

To build games you need to clear space, and cutting down trees will generate you coins with each chop (between 1 and 20 coins). It requires energy, so again it depends on the exact circumstances you are in.

By being proactive and clicking on visitors (those who are frightened), you will earn 10 coins per click. Keep an eye out for these individuals as it is another good way to get coins.

The most coins are earned through completing quests. Normally these won't require much of an outlay on your part, but will give you back plenty of coins. Watch for new quests appearing and try to focus on completing them.

Finally, you should take part in the social side of Ravenwood Fair. By clicking on your friends' feeds, you can find coin-sharing posts and get around 10 coins from each of these. Get plenty of friends and the coins will be piling in! Also, visit your friends' fairs to earn energy, coins and XP - you get this bonus once per day, per friend.

If you are close to leveling up, use up as much of your energy as possible - without earning XP to go over that level's threshold. Once you are basically out of energy, push yourself over the boundary and you will be rewarded with full energy.

If you level up when your energy bar is already full, it is a bit of a waste of the bonuses you can get for passing a new level.

At the start of a new game there are quite a few attractions already in place, but covered by thorns and scary trees. If you de-thorn these and cut down the trees, you essentially have some free attractions.

To enter these cheat codes, simply click a free space on the screen and then type the one you need:

Profile picture is swapped with a Doom image.


Changes audio

Shows credits

Full screen

Hide frame

Unhide frame

Change audio

Get % remains of forest

Get % remains of rocks

WOWROY: Hides your friends list


Ravens attack in Ravenwood Fair, bats attack in Ravenwood Mine

All visitors become scared

Show FPS and memory usage stats

To deactivate the cheats, refresh the page.

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