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Mafia Wars

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Make sure you bank your money after completing a job or before leaving the game as you can be attacked by other Mafias anytime and you could easily end up losing money during fights. The bank will charge you a 10% money-laundering fee which is much better than losing everything in a fight.

When you purchase weapons buy those that have the best defense points as these will give you more attack points.

Complete jobs to collect money. It is better to smaller jobs that offer a higher payoff while using the least amount of energy. With the money that you gain purchase properties and weapons.

You will receive a bonus of 3 Godfather points each day that you sign in. Godfather points are worth collecting as they help you purchase bonuses like rare items, the best weapons and extra energy.

Bullet Proof Vest:
Available at Level X
Price: $6,000
2 Attack
4 Defense

Body Armour:
Available at Level X
Price: $16,000
Upkeep: $400
4 Attack
7 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $15,000
Upkeep: $15
2 Attack
2 Defense

Delivery Truck:
Available at Level X
Price: $20,000
Upkeep: $20
3 Attack
3 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $40,000
Upkeep: $50
4 Attack
5 Defense

Armoured Sedan:
Available at Level X
Price: $60,000
Upkeep: $100
4 Attack
6 Defense

Sedan Getaway Cruiser:
Available at Level X
Price: $90,000
Upkeep: $200
6 Attack
7 Defense

Town Car:
Available at Level X
Price: $400,000
Upkeep: $1,200
10 Attack
12 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $400,000
Upkeep: $1,800
0 Attack
0 Defense

Baseball Bat
Available at Level X
Price: $300
1 Attack
0 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $700
1 Attack
1 Defense

Colt Pistol
Available at Level X
Price: $1,000
2 Attack
2 Defense

Sawed-Off Shotgun
Available at Level X
Price: $2,000
3 Attack
1 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $3,000
2 Attack
3 Defense

Machine Pistol
Available at Level X
Price: $5,500
3 Attack
3 Defense

Available at Level X
Price: $10,000
6 Attack
3 Defense

Tommy Gun
Available at Level X
Price: $120,000
Upkeep: $1,500
12 Attack
10 Defense

Chain Gun
Available at Level X
Price: $200,000
Upkeep: $2,500
16 Attack
14 Defense

Bonus Weapon:
Available at Level 99
Price: $200,000
Upkeep: $2,500
20 Attack
20 Defense

Do the following jobs to get corresponding items and weapons. You may have to repeat jobs but you will eventually get the item associated with the job.

Beat Up Rival Gangster (1e):
.22 Pistol (2A 0D)

Collect Protection Money (2e):
Butterfly Knife (2A 1D)

Rough Up Dealers (2e):
Brass Knuckles (2A 2D)

Rob a Pimp (3e):
.9mm Semi-Automatic (3A 2D)

Take Out a Rogue Cop (3e):
.45 Revolver (3A 2D)

Perform a Hit (3e):
Tactical Shotgun (3A 2D)

Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout (5e):
C-4 (5A 2D)

Kill a Protected Snitch (5e):
Stab-Proof Vest (2A 5D)

Bust a Made Man Out of Prison (5e):
Automatic Rifle (4A 4D)

Fight a Haitian Gang (6e):
Semi-Automatic Shotgun (5A 4D)

Smuggle Across The Border (7e):
Armored Truck (4A 8D)

Repel the Yakuza (13e):
Grenade Launcher (14A 10D)

Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring (15e):
50 .50 Caliber Rifle (16A 11D)

Invade Tong-Controlled Neighborhood (25e):
Armored Car (14A 15D)

Sell Guns to the Russian Mob (25e):
RPG Launcher (20A 12D)

Protect your City against a Rival Family (35e):
Bodyguards (8A 25D)

Assassinate a Political Figure (35e):
Night Vision Goggles (5A 16D)

Exterminate a Rival Family (40e):
Napalm Attack (25A 9D)

The current maximum limit for your Mafia is 500. In Mafia Wars the more members you have the easier it is to win fights so it is important that you grow your mafia. This can be done by getting your friends or other people on Facebook to participate or by purchasing extra mafia members with your Reward Points.

If you are a beginner select the 'Maniac' Mafia War Character. In Mafia Wars energy is much valuable than money. Energy allows you to do missions, whereas money will not. Maniac class recovers energy quicker than the other characteres options.

Whenever possible purchase properties as this will help generate money which can then be used to buy more properties and help dominate games.

It is important to remember to frequently check for updates to MWAP (Mafia Wars Autoplayer). There is usually at least one update every day and if you fail to update the script regularly there is the possibility that it will not work after a period of time.

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