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Madden NFL Superstars

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After every 2 hours of gameplay or everytime you earn a Gameday Ticket you will earn 2,000 coins and 20 Fliping cards.

Once you have earned Practice Points, you need to actually collect them! This takes the same amount of time as the actual effort involved in getting them to begin with, and is done automatically by starting another practice session.

Every Gauntlet match you win will get that teams rating in coins X100. For example if the team rating is 78 you will earn 78,000 coins.

Gameday Tickets are necessary for allowing you to play more games in each day, and once purchased, they regenerate after use every 2 hours. They are probably the best use of real money in NFL Superstars, if you do have it to spend!

To get easy practice points, the best way is through doing the free 40 yard dashes. These only take about 5 minutes and give you 3 practice points.

Practice points are crucial as when you play games throughout the season, your practice points go down. If you are going to be away from your account for a long time, schedule longer practices - if you are there, however, the 40 yard dash is best.

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