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Adventure World

Cheats & Hints for Adventure World - Facebook

Below are some basic tips on getting and spending energy efficiently in Adventure World:

If you are running low on energy, or just want to conserve your supplies, you can get your friends to perform certain actions for you (3 at a time). It is a good idea to get them to fight animals for you so you don't lose energy.

Disarm any traps that you come across. Otherwise, if you accidentally set it off, you will instantly lose 1 energy and then have to spend 2 energy to get out of it. By disarming it, which costs 1 energy and rewards you with 1 energy, you won't lose out.

If an enemy is near an active trap, you should try and lure it into the trap to set it off. This gives you free energy and gets rid of an enemy.

Collect all the vases that you come across. These reward you with energy upon collecting it (Jade: 1, Red: 2, Azure: 3).

Spend all your energy just before leveling up. Once you finally do, your energy bar is refilled.

Visit your neighbors and complete actions. You can do 5 actions in a neighbor's base for 2 energy.

You can purchase Dynamite from the Tool Shed, or at

If you go directly to kill a snake, you will always get bitten and lose energy. The best way to kill them without losing energy is either to lure them into a trap, or to get friends to attack them for you - they won't lose energy for it.

Quite a few people get stuck on reaching the central area in Poacher Ploy. Basically, you just need to have a Grappling Hook in your inventory.

Then, stand directly behind the grappling hook area with the mine cart, and equip your Grappling Hook.

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