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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Final Destination 3 running on DVD Video

Final Destination 3

Cheats & Hints for Final Destination 3 - DVD Video
The following are the answers to the "Choose Their Fate" game. Note: If you have not seen the movie, please watch it first as these will give you different footage scenes at times and make changes to the movie itself.

1. Roller coaster - When Kevin flips the coin to see who will sit in the back with Wendy the option of "Choose Their Fate" will come up. Select "Tails" and the movie will resume and it will show Wendy getting upset and saves her friends from the roller coaster crash also giving you a different ending. It then will roll the credits, wait a few seconds and it will ask "Are you happy with choice you made?" say "No" to continue and "Yes" to end.

2. Ashlyn and Ashley - When the girls enter the tanning booth Ashley will say "God it's really cold in here. Why do they keep it so low?" It will ask "What should the temperature be raise to?" select "76" for a different death scene or select "73" for the normal movie stander scene.

3. Frankie - When Wendy and Kevin go to the drive through they notice a truck is coming towards them and Kevin honks the horn for the person to move up. You will then be asked "Should Wendy honk the horn again?" Select "Yes" to save Frankie and you will get a different scene which will effect later in the movie. If you select "No" it will resume the movie as it is.

4. Wendy - After the scene with Frankie(weather you saved him or not) Wendy and Kevin head back to Wendy's room and try to figure out what's going on. After Kevin leaves it will ask "Should Wendy take another look?" Select "Yes" for different footage and "No" to resume the movie.

5. Ian and Erin - After what happens to Louis it will go to Ian who has to kill some birds when he gets ready to aim you are asked "Should Ian. . . . " and your options are "Kill shot" and "Warning Shot". Select "Warning shot" and in a little bit Erin will be killed by the bird instead of a piece of wood.

6. Frankie 2 - After what happens to Erin, Wendy and Kevin are at the police station. As they are ready to leave Kevin is stopped by Frankie(if you saved him earlier), Frankie screams about a police women posing as a underage teenager. You are then asked "Was Frankie worth saving?" select "Yes" and you will be given police evidence video and it shows how Frankie got caught by the police. After it's done it will go back to the same scene and you are asked again "Was Frankie worth saving?" select "No" to resume movie.

7. Ian 2 - This is the final question in the game when Ian confronts Wendy, Kevin, and Julie at the fireworks show the sign starts to come down you are then asked "Which way should Ian jump?" Select "Jump Right" for a different ending to the movie or select "Jump Left" for the movie to resume as its normal ending. Note: This normal ending has another choice. You can look at the map and chose to look at it or not. This also affects the out come of the movie. If you look at the map, after the crash on the subway she does not go back to warn them. If you do not look at the map, she gets taken back to the train, but too late to stop it and everyone dies anyway.

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