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Skies Of Arcadia

Cham Locations for Skies Of Arcadia - Dreamcast

Here is a listing of the Cham Locations in this epic game:

Cham 1: In the HQ on Pirate Isle. As soon as you enter you'll be introduced to the Cham system. It can be found on the walkway.

Cham 2: In the shrine on Shrine Island. It is on the second to bottom floor near a dead end.

Cham 3: Found in the tower on Sailor's Island. It's on the top floor and really hard to miss.

Cham 4: Found on the inn's balcony in Maramba.

Cham 5: Found in the Temple of Pyrynn. It is in a niche after the floor falls.

Cham 6: Found in Horteka, in the northern section of the first area of town.

Cham 7: Found in King's Hideout on the floor. It can't be missed.

Cham 8: Found in the Moon Stone Mountain mines. Near a large shut door, after the second portal slams shut on you.

Cham : 9 Found in the Moon Stone Mountain mines. In the first area after the first two traps.

Cham 10: Found just outside of the Gates to Rixis. It is near the left statue.

Cham 11: Found in Rixis. It is on the stairs near to where you fight Zivilyn Bane.

Cham 12: Found after beating Gordo in Valua.

Cham 13: Gotten from the girl's boss in Nasrad.

Cham 14: Found at the entrance to Daccat's Island.

Cham 15: Found in Daccat's 'Tomb' with the girls.

Cham 16: Found on the Delphinus' deck.

Cham 17: Found in Gordo's Bistro (in North Ocean).

Cham 18: Found in Nasrad, after it is destroyed. It is lying on the ground near the fountain.

Cham 19: Found in Esperanza. It is in the little room at the bottom of the ladder.

Cham 20: Found in Yafutoma. It is near a waterfall.

Cham 21: Found in Mt. Kanzai. It is at an intersection.

Cham 22: Found on the stairs on Exile Island.

Cham 23: Found under the stairs on the first floor of your base.

Cham 24: Found near the flag at your base.

Cham 25: Found in the Ruins of Ice. It is right at the beginning.

Cham 26: Found near the save spot in Glacia.

Cham 27: Found on Hamchou Island. Found above the Dark Rift.

Cham 28: Found on Ilchymis' Island. This island is above the clouds and north of the Valuan Capital. You can't miss it.

Cham 29: Found in the first part of Soltis. It is in the north, near to the exit to the next part of the level.

Cham 30: Found on the floor right at the start of the second area | Submitted by inter_a

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