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Giant Gram

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Giant Gram on Dreamcast

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Giant Gram Cheats

Highlight Wolf, Jeffry, or Kage at the character selection screen. Then hold R and press A to enable their Virtua Fighter 3tb two player mode costumes.

Taunts are done with right and left shift buttons. So far most characters have two taunts: one with the right and one with left.
Also, at times the shift buttons will change camera views.

Press L or R when you are in watch mode for different camera angles. | Submitted by BK2005

Hold all buttons for 5 seconds during the title screen. | Submitted by BK2005

Successfully complete tournament mode to face one of the hidden wrestlers in a match. Defeat that wrestler to unlock that character as selectable. Save the game and repeat tournament mode to face the next hidden wrestler.

Successfully complete tournament mode as all fifteen normal and three hidden wrestlers.

While playing, use the red button to lock up with your opponent,then quickly push the blue button to do a speical move(body slam,chock...ect). Different angles produce different special moves.
If your opponent gets YOU in a special hold, quickly press the yellow button to try a reverse move.
The green button is for getting in and out of the ring.
When your opponent is knocked down, thr blue button will make you go for the pin.

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