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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for WorldCraft on Android

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Once you have two animals (cows, sheep or horses) in an enclosed space like a pen:

1. Equip wheat.
2. Tap animal with wheat. The animal with then be surrounded in red love hearts.
3. Tap the other animal. The animal will then also be surrounded in love hearts.
4. The animals should "kiss", and then pop! A little baby animal will appear in the pen with the parents. In a couple of days, the lamb/calf/foal will grow into an adult.

Yaaay! You're practically like a parent! I should also mention that a glitch has made it possible to breed cows with sheep to create... more cows.

If you double tap the 'jump' button you can use the normal move joystick to fly around. if you press it again you can walk again.

Dig as far down as you can and you need to dig foward keep doing it and you will eventuly come across a cave with lots of stuff in it.

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