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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Westbound on Android

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Tip 1
When start playing this game, you will certainly have currently finished the tutorial, which is unskippable. It will certainly cover the fundamentals of Westbound, however there is still even more to be done from there.

Tip 2
The first thing to do is examine on the objectives offered for you to take on when you load up the game. These are found to the left on your HUD, generally signified by an image of the individual who has actually designated you the goal. These images will certainly alter from time to time. Click the image to see exactly what they desire. Often you ll should look for a lost individual, generate numerous units of silver or materials, or full opposite pursuits.

Tip 3
Grinding and multitasking are substantial parts of the game. You ll invest a bunch of your time clearing and tapping out squares in order to proceed, so prior to you start constructing brand-new properties and taking on additional jobs, stockpile as lots of pickaxes and clear as numerous spaces as you can. When you require it, you ll be grateful for the area later on.

Tip 4
Hold back on utilizing Grit or utilizing currency up until you truly require it. When you reach level 10, things start to end up being a lot more expensive, so remain economical where you can.

Tip 5
Try to Use all spaces that might be cleared. You never ever understand exactly what s concealing that you might require!

After you get further along in the game you may notice a golden idol off in the fog of the land you have yet to explore. If you use pickaxes and explore over to these idols they give you bonuses in your resource earnings. The first one to be found is the XP idol and will boost your XP by 5% just for digging it out. You can upgrade idols to earn even higher boosts. Definitely helpful to be able to level up quicker in higher levels. There are several types of bonus idols that earn you more silver from each action and even one that reduces watering time on your crops.

Prior to creating new buildings, gather as many pickaxes as possible and clear spaces on the map.

As you total missions and make brand-new units of currency, along with wheat and various other crops, you will certainly acquire experience, which is signified by the yellow colored bar on the bottom left of the display. Objective to make as numerous levels as you can to unlock brand-new ranges of provides, crops, and installments.

Remember that everything you construct or plant accumulates new rewards, so strategy ahead. You ll need wood for structures, iron to develop nails for stated structures, and so on. Even tumbleweeds could produce snakes, which can be tapped on to farm experience if you can catch them in time.

When the wagon with the spinning wheel for daily bonus spins shows up take your spins. then visit a neighbor, Go back to main screen and click on Bonus Wagon and you should have more spins. I have done this more than ten times in a row. Just don't visit all your neighbors and collect all prizes.

Although you can use Grit to speed up clearing the map, save it until level 10 and higher.

Grow crops without having to wait. Every train ride to another location shortens the time required for a crop to grow. Take five trips during a session and your crops will grow in zero seconds.

If you've currently developed a goal to finish and are dealing with that, or require a flow to exactly how your play time must go, scroll around the map to see exactly what s going on. Starting, you ll be surrounded by the canyon and various other locations of the map that should be checked out. You can tap on these to clear them out, however each device takes a couple of seconds to clear. Accelerate the procedure by utilizing Grit, which is chosen from your supply of in-game currency. Save pickaxes, which are utilized for building of structures, for in the future when you require them.

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