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Weed Firm: RePlanted

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Weed Firm: RePlanted on Android

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At the lower right corner of the screen you will see a button to share for cash. Each time that you share on FB, Twitter, email, or other forms of social media, you will earn 100 cash instantly. However, if you hit the email button, then cancel out of the mail popup when it opens up and go back to the game, you will still earn 100 cash. You can do this as many times as you want for free unlimited cash.

Once you run out of tasks to complete for experience points, simply start growing as much weed as you can, and selling as much weed as you can, and you'll earn experience points. Watch out for an opportunity to buy the couch from one of your customers; when you purchase it, all of your actions will forever be worth double the experience points that they were before.

Your weed needs water to grow. However, while your weed will still grow when the game is minimized or off, none of the water will be used. So if you want to grow as much weed as you want without using much water, then your best bet is to plant it, then minimize or close the game window for a long enough time to let the weed grow. No matter how much or how little water you had put in, as long as at least a bottle was put into each pot, the weed will grow.

Other things you can purchase from your customers also help things. For example, purchase the safe in order to hide all of your money from Officer Malone the crooked cop. Purchase the shotgun, and you can use it to shoot the gangsters any time that they come to the door and try to steal your weed.

You can also set the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to finish growing your weed right away. However long your particular weed takes to finish (three minutes for bush weed, for example), set your time ahead by that much, plus maybe a minute or two just to make sure that you don't have extra time left over. Then go to the game and collect your weed. The same water trick applies here as above.

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