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Wall Kickers

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Wall Kickers on Android

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What's great about your wee monkey jumper is how very athletic he is. Well, you wouldn't catch us climbing trees quite like he does. His back jump, which reverses his direction, is most interesting. It doubles the potential height of your jump, but only if you've got a wall to your back to land on. This will be a necessary move often. You will even have to clean jump over walls in order to avoid obstacles, before double jumping back into the wall. Quick double taps will allow you to climb the same wall you're already on, but only a little bit, allowing you to get the best positioning for your next big jump. | Submitted by Stryker82

After climbing for a while, these stages can actually be a bit disorientating. Basically, there are sometimes platforms. And he auto-walks on them. It's crazy, especially after you haven't seen any platforms for the whole game. But they quickly become just as challenging as climbing the tower. The monkey will automatically move forward, but can also have his direction changed by - you guessed it - double jumping. This also kind of limits you jumping height in these stages, forcing you to be smarter with your moves. | Submitted by Stryker82

Coins are awkward in this game, as they're always placed just out of reach, somewhere just a little too awkward to reach with normal gameplay, unless you're like, amazing, I guess. But they're well worth adding up to your score, so try and go for them. Of course, remember holding the screen will make you jump farther, and your double jump will save you from many awkward deaths. Though, since the checkpoints in the game are quite generous, if you're not going for high scores and are instead coin hoarding, it might be worth a suicidal jump. | Submitted by Stryker82

Wall Kicker is all about getting a little monkey as high as possible, and you know exactly how we're going to do that. That's right, wall kicking, of course. Each time the wee monkey hits a wall he will cling on, waiting for your tap to jump again. Simple, right? Well, things get tricky quite quickly. You'll be getting around obstacles, such as spikes, moving walls, and bouncy walls, which you'll need to factor into your game plan. Take a good long look at walls that look new to you before jumping on in. | Submitted by Stryker82

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